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Need suggestion for irons Posted By Nishant Johar at 20 Apr 2014

Hi, I have been browsing through golf stores across for irons. Going to course from past year or so, played with Dunlop cavity back steel regular irons - they are forgiving but very heavy and don't provide distance. I'm a mid-high handicapper & my height is 5'8", shortlisted ones are :


1. Razr X NG

2. X Hot N14

3. X Hot


a.     First Question is Razr X or X Hot:

Well, the first one is best for my pocket but for betterment I don't mind shredding a bit more also.

If I see price difference between Razr X and X Hot N14 is not much, so as a thumb rule I wanted to opt out older model of two, but not sure what is the difference. Some say Razr X giver better launch, not sure though.


b.     And if X Hot, which variant regular or N14

 It has been hard for me to find out the difference between X Hot regular and N14 variant, apart from that N14 were not allowing me to opt in for regular shaft where as N14's allow only uniflex, I'm not sure how how much uniflex would differ from regular shaft  


Ankush on 21 Apr 2014
Re:Need suggestion for irons

have you tried looking at the tm range as well the rbz irons can be had pretty cheap and are a great set. what is your handicap ? how far do you usually hit your 7 iron ? currently you play steel or graphite ?

Dinesh on 21 Apr 2014
Re:Need suggestion for irons

Hi Nishant.. I work on a 5 Rules to change my golf irons .. Following are the key points :
At a Mid-handicapper which part of your game is weak, is it off the tee, approach to the green or your putting? .. Based on the study, you should make changes.
Swing speed is important to decide on the type of irons you should use ... Steel shaft, Graphite with regular or stiff shafts.
If your Frequency of play is only weekends and that also straight on to the course, then too much of study and technicalities may not be required.
Try the clubs which you finally short list. Never pick of golf sets just because they are good looking or feel good when you grip then in a proshop. It is advisable to try the 4 and the 8 iron at the range with over 100 balls.
Last but not the least, you should look at your budget. There are some very nice titleist range & Mizuno irons as well. These may be a bit higher. Taylormade and callaway are cheaper as they are manyfactured in China. However, nothing wrong with them. I do not recommend PING as they are over priced in india.

Happy Golfing!

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