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Charges on booking Tee Time on Home Club Posted By Rajiv Semwal at 29 Nov 2016

 I am a member of the Noida Golf Club and was trying to book tee off time online here. As member I am not charged Green Fees by the club. However, the site is charging me money when I book through this site!

Is there a problem here? If the club does not charge me why is the site charging me for the same?



Anirudh on 01 Dec 2016
Re:Charges on booking Tee Time on Home Club

Dear Sir,
I trust everything is working as intended now. Please do feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Anirudh on 30 Nov 2016
Re:Charges on booking Tee Time on Home Club

Dear Mr. Semwal,

Your NGC membership details are not connected to the 4moles.com profile yet.

We were trying to reach your number, however it seems to be out-of-service.

I request if you could please call us at +91 99582 65656 or 011 41704221 for assistance in the booking.

Warm Regards,

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