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The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course! Posted By Dinesh Thakur at 04 Nov 2009

I rate Qutab Golf Course as the best Public Golf Course in India. It breaks the "Walled Garden" approach carried by many other Golf Courses. The QGC has come a long way in the last 5 - 6 years. We in our 4ball used to call it the "Ego Booster" course", where a 14 handicap would hit a below 10 card and feel very elated. 

But not any more! The hole No. 2 par 3 is a rear PAR hole.  The 17th with a water body at 250 yards is not easy either. And with the Tees pulled back and fairways in excellent condition.... the course is fun for a nice weekend getaway. Specially, with the 19th hole (The Club House) serving you nice chilled Beer... The day is Made & you are charged for the next week! :-) 




Vivek on 22 Feb 2010
Re:The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course!

The greens this sunday were good -fast & true. please keep them this way. Cheers - good job done.

ASHOK KUMAR on 19 Feb 2010
Re:The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course!

Thanks DDA!!!! Finally, we are having pretty decent water hazards. Today, I saw "putting greens" at Qutab Golf Course. Unbelievable !! Better than many at the private courses. Excellent job course managers.

Dev on 08 Nov 2009
Re:The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course!

Absolutely Dinesh, agreed ! What really stands out is the quality of the fairways! The QGC ensures that any one who wants to start off Golf in the Capital can do it very easily w/o burning a hole in the pocket ! Kudos to the people who run and manage QGC.

viren on 06 Nov 2009
Qutab Golf Course!

I too am a regular -my wife,our two little girls and i -held a golf club - for the first time - here. I have since - played across the country and the world - would rate QGC very high - the people, the way its maintained - super job! The future plans too sound exciting...

vivek on 06 Nov 2009
Re:The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course!

I am a regular at QGC , and feel pride in the way our course has evolved over the years. Apart from the speed of the greens, it can very well stand its own in every aspect of the game .
My compliments to the management and secretary who are open to suggestions and who we shall be ever thank full for having put together a great course.
vivek bhardwaj

ASHOK KUMAR on 05 Nov 2009
Re:The OLD & NEW Qutab Golf Course!

I totally endorse the views of my friend Dinesh Thakur,(Danny Bhai)expressed by him regarding transformation of QGC in a very short time.Three cheers to Officers and Staff of DDA,responsible for maintaining the course,so well. I,however didn't like a four ball from a reputed private course, criticising the water bodies as "Dirty and filthy ponds" and fountains spilling green algae infested,smelling water.Can something be done to ensure that the visitors don't get a chance, in future, to make such utterances.

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