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Scoring systems in Golf Posted By Anurag Singh at 17 Jun 2010

Calling all expert golfers in, the sometimes unfathomable, scoring systems!

Would be great if someone with good knowledge on the various scoring systems list them by names and then explain how one goes about calculating it.. i know that theory might not help.. but i am sure it'll be a start for some of us who are keen golfers but have a pretty hard time keeping up with some complex scoring system.

Looking forward to the inputs.


Dinesh on 10 Nov 2015
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

:-) .. Manvendra, the 1st nine holes are considered as the 1st half and the back nine is the 2nd half ... however, when the 2nd nine starts, the score of the 1st nine become the matches as well. The final score of the 1st half as assured winnings.
Forget the 3 halves, just remember that in the auto press scoring the "0" is an open number and does not belong to any of the teams. The "0" also means that it is ready to be won by any of the teams.

Manvendra on 10 Nov 2015
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

What does a half actually mean....?

Manvendra on 10 Nov 2015
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

This is amazingly confusing, isn't a half supposed to 1/2 of a full. How can anything logical have 3 halves...?

Dinesh on 25 Sep 2015
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

Sameer, In the 2,4,2,0 score ... only the 2,4,2 is the which is in opponents favor ... the lat digit "0" is neutral at the moment. If you are playing Rs. 10 a half ... then it is 3 halves X Rs. 10... which is Rs. 30.

Sameer on 25 Sep 2015
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

how 2,4,2,0 in opponent favour will make u loose 30 if the score is2,4,2,0
dinesh could u pls elaborate

Dinesh on 15 Nov 2011
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

Dear N .... you 1st halve of the question is absolutely correct... you will be 4 halves and 5 halves up... as per your score shown.
Assuming the score given is in your favor 3-1-3-1-1 & 0-2-0 (with no score of the 1st halve) ... then you will Rs.20X 3 matches (as the last 2 ones get canceled) and 1 halve X Rs 10.... which comes to Rs. 70 in total.. Cheers

n on 15 Nov 2011
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

Dear Dinesh,
We usually open with 1-1-1 and then continue scores. My query is at the turn let's say 9th hole, our score is 4-2-4-2-0 does it imply 4 halves in our favour? And if the score was 5-3-5-3-1 will it mean 5 halves in our favour at the turn?
Also, on the 18th hole our score is 3-1-3-1-1 and 0-2-0 What will be the total halves/matches won by us vs opponents and how do we multiply with money if we are playing 10-10-20.

Amanpreet on 02 Nov 2011
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

You can also try the 2-1 (for teams) or the 4-2-0 (for a 3 ball). 2-1 has 2 matches per hole... team A scores 3 & 4 on a par 4 and team B scores 4 & 5 on the same hole means that first match of 2 points has been Won by the Team A player who hit the birdie against the opponent who made par, and Team A player who scores 4 beats the opponent scoring a 5. Team A P1 & P2 score 3 on par 3 and Team B P1 & P2 score 3 & 4 resp... gives 1 point to Team A. First match of 2 points drawn and 2nd match of 1 point won by Team A.
Hope you can use this...

Dinesh on 07 Sep 2011
Re:Scoring systems in Golf

Vishi... your usderstanding of 1,1,1 or 0,2,0 is not correct ... if a golfer wins and the score opens with 0,2,0 ... it means that there are 3 halves open in the 1st 9 hole score... 1st half is nutrual as it is a zero, 2nd half is a 2 and is in the favor of the winner, and last half is also a zero ... which is nutral. .. if the same team wins again on the next hole... the score will go to 1,3,1 .. which means the winning team is 3 halves UP in the 1st 9 hole score...if the same team wins again, it will go to 2,4,2,0 ... 0 is neutral ... after the 1st 9 holes ... if the same team wins the 10th hole... the score will be 3,5,3,1 and 0,2,0 .... 3,5,3,1 is the score of the matches.... 0,2,0 is the score of the 2nd 9 holes... and the 2,4,2,0 is the score of the 1st 9 holes...SORRY, ITS COMPLICATED.. :-)

Vishi on 31 Aug 2011
Re:Scoring systems in Golf


thanks for the prompt response. i want to know how you keep scores when we follow autopress - every two holes you begin a new match - also, my understanding is that if we start 1,1,1 - means 1 hole won, first 9 score is 1, match score is 1. if we follow, 0,2,0 - how does this translate. Please give me the basic arithmetic so that if i maintain these system of scoring, i can explain to my fellow golfers.

My friend Gowri is the one who used to maintain this for us back in India. Now, i want to do the same for my friends when i play in US.

Thanks in advance.

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