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Defining Tee Box Posted By Ashutosh Sharma at 07 Mar 2011


Ashutosh on 14 Mar 2011
Re:Defining Tee Box

Yes Anirudh. The inputs helped clarify a doubt raised by someone during a round. Thanx.

Anirudh on 14 Mar 2011
Re:Defining Tee Box

Do let us know if the previous inputs from Mr. Kirat & Mr. Ajay have helped you with your query. Thank you

Ajay on 09 Mar 2011
Re:Defining Tee Box

Not that I know off. To know more you may read this

Kirat on 09 Mar 2011
Re:Defining Tee Box

Hi Ashutosh,
The teeing ground lies between two tee markers and extends two club-lengths (measured by the longest clubs in the bag, generally the driver) behind them. The ball has to be teed and struck within that boundary; however, the golfer may take a stance outside the boundary in order to make a swing.
Without any revision.

Ashutosh on 07 Mar 2011
Defining Tee Box

Hi this is Ashutosh Sharma. Conventionally the tee off area was limited to two clubs behind the tee markers. Is there a revision in the ruling that one can go as far back as required on the tee box to Tee off.

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