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Golfers Story Posted By Rajesh Dixit at 30 Jun 2012

 A golfer was walking home after a round of golf with his clubs over his shoulder.
At a distance he saw an Arab being waylaid at gunpoint. So taking out one of the clubs he knocked the robber unconscious, therby saving the Arab.
The happy Arab said "I am from the Royal family, what can I do for you in return do ask for anything"
The golfer looked at his Bag and said "I could do with a few golf clubs"
Few weeks later the Sheiks secretary calls and says : we have got the clubs, but the Sheik wants to say sorry because......................................only three of them have swimming pools! 


ashish on 19 Sep 2012
Re:Golfers Story

gr8 one

Nusrat on 09 Jul 2012
Re:Golfers Story

LOL! I have the robber arranged. Where do I find the Sheikh????

Kirat on 02 Jul 2012
Re:Golfers Story

If you had said this is a true story, i would have believed it.

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