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Auto press scoring Posted By Rakesh Khanna at 25 Aug 2012

I am a 16 handicap. Want to know how auto press scoring works.i found some comments but none explained how scoring is to be kept for 18holes. Please can someone explain for all 18 holes and why last 4 holes are important also how the scoring is to be recorded.


Dinesh on 13 Nov 2012
Re:Auto press scoring

wooow.... thats a lot of effort... and well explained .. :-)

ATUL on 26 Oct 2012
Re:Auto press scoring

I'll also give it a shot
Rules of the Nassau auto press scoring are
when one playing team wins a hole the game scoring starts with 1 1 1 or some people start with 0 2 0 – Here each DIGIT (One/Two/Zero) represents 1 Match and the outcome of each hole effects all the matches. At the start itself Three matches are opened 111
whoever wins the 1st hole the 1st & 3rd 1(match) is in his favor and the middle 1 is in the losers favor which makes the winning team NET 1 match up
lets say team A wins so ill just write A/B next to the matches in favor of A/B... 1a 1b 1a

now the basic rules are
the matches will be in either teams favour if its 1 or more and neutral/in no ones favour if its 0
- whoever wins the next hole you add 1 to the matches in favor of that team and subtract 1 from the matches in favor of the loosing team.
so say team A wins the 2nd hole also the score becomes
from 1a 1 1a
to 2a 0 2a -@

now 2nd fixed rule(auto press) - whenever the last match(Right most) becomes 2 you have to open another match automatically, so now actually the score becomes
2a 0 2a 0
If a match is at 0 then it is neutral(in nobody's favour) so whoever wins the next hole, it will become 1 and go in the winner's favour
to demonstrate lets say 3rd hole team B wins Now the score will become
from 2a 0 2a 0
to 1a 1b 1a 1b (+1 to 0's in their favor & -1 from matches in loosing opponents favor)
so now 2nd and 4th match comes into Bs favour (making the net score all square) 1a 1b 1a 1b 1 1 1 1
now say A wins 2 0 2 0 if B wins 0 2 0 2 0(another match opens as last match is 2)
Hole 1 A wins 111
Hole 2 A wins 2020 B wins 020
Hole 4 A wins 3131 B wins 131
Hole 5 A wins 42420 B wins 2420
Betting is also not only for all 18 holes together
It’s done the same way as explained above but is generally done separately as we like 2 gamble 
1st Bet For the complete 18 Holes Together (Referred to as Matches)
2nd Bet - Front 9 Holes Only (Referred to as First HALF)-
3rd Bet – Back 9 Holes Only (Referred to as 2nd HALF)
The stakes are generally Half of the Match Stakes for Both Halves so 10-10-20 means 1st half Rs 10 a match/half, 2nd half rs 10 a match/half & complete 18 holes bet Rs 20 a match. Irrespective of the Digit i.e. 1/2../9 the match is counted as 1 in favour of A/B
So when you start for the front 9 holes the scoring will be identical for the 18 Holes Match bet scoring as well as the Front Nine Half Bet scoring.
After Nine Holes whatever is the score is the final score of the front nine half bet. And the same score counting is continued ahead for the 18 Hole Match bet till the 18th Hole.
And from the 10th hole seperate scoring is started afresh for the 2nd half bet.
If after 9 holes score was 42420 all in favor of A then for front nine team A wins 4 Halves(4242 & 0 is neutral so in noones favor )
If at the end of the game score is 646420 all in As favour for matches and 2020 all in As favour for 2nd half/ back nine A wins 5 matches, 4(front 9) + 2(back 9) = 6 halves
5 x 20 Rs =100 + 4 x10 Rs = 40 Total Rs 140

Dinesh on 28 Aug 2012
Re:Auto press scoring

Tough one to expain in a forum... but let me try! The auto press scoring is mostly started with a score of 0,2,0 in favor of the team which wins a hole first. Thereafter, based on the winner of the next hole, the score moves on ... eg. if the same team wins, the score will move to 1,3,1 ... if the loosing team wins, the score will become 1,1,1 ... where the 1st and the 3rd ONE is of the team who won the last hole. However, if the same team which won the 2 holes, wins agin... the score will become 2,4,2,0 ... remember, after a 1 in the end ... a 0 will open when the scores are in the evens.

This format favors the team which is loosing as it give them the opportunity to reverse the score in less holes. The reason why the last 4 holes are important is because there a possibly a lot of MATCHES and HALVES open and even 1 hole win can change the score drastically ... (this one is a bit tough to explain) .... :-)

Happy golfing!

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