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18-hole golf course planned in Surat, India Posted By Kirat Kalra at 13 Feb 2013

One of the world’s fastest-growing cities has approved plans to build a destination-worthy convention center that will be flanked by an 18-hole golf course.

The recently approved Tourism Development Centre will bring more growth to Surat, the second largest city in the state of Gujarat and the eighth largest in India. The center is expected to include large-scale meeting space and possibly a hotel.
“We are ready to make a dream come true,” Dilip Ravani of Ravani Infrastructures told the Times of India earlier this year.
Ravani, which was founded by Virjibhai Ravani, is best known for residential, office, and commercial projects. As best we can determine, the TDC is its largest undertaking.
The TDC’s golf course will be designed by David Hemstock, a British architect with a growing portfolio in India. Hemstock, who’s based in Derbyshire, England, has designed Aamby Valley Golf Course in suburban Mumbai and Palace Gardens Golf Course in suburban Chennai, and he’s overseeing a multi-year renovation of Chandigarh Golf Club in Chandigarh. He also has a course under construction in Coimbatore (Kovai Hills Golf Course), and he’s agreed to design a course for the Bahri Beautiful Country retirement community outside Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu.
Ravani plans to break ground on the TDC later this year and to open it within five years.


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