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Nude golf at La Jenny Golf Course Posted By Anirudh Chandra at 30 Sep 2013


This is probably one of the most bizarre things you will see and read, but La Jenny Golf Course in France is most famous and well known for allowing golf to be played in a ‘naturalist state’ – aka naked!
La Jenny Golf Course was created in 1993 and actually prides itself as the only known course to allow golfers to play in the nude. It is situated on the west coast of France and is actually an exceptionally beautiful setting to ‘be free’ on and off the course. There are only 6 holes that make up the course (Four Par 3′s & two Par 4′s), but they do still include the regular hazards such as bunkers and water hazards throughout.
There is a full length driving range that has 20 hitting bays (10 of which are sheltered) and there are also Professionals who give lessons both on and off the course.
Green fees start at €25 for a round and club rental is €15, discounted fees will be given for players who are there for a week though.
The thing is at La Jenny nudity is actually a pre-requisite in order to actually play golf… those who aren’t naked won’t be allowed onto the course. Discriminatory!
Also one would think that this may lead to some misbehaviour on the course, but in fact La Jenny don’t condone any sexual activities & will remove any players from the course who do so. Nice of them.
Not sure if any of us will ever to get to experience La Jenny, but I’m sure it must be interesting to say the least. Caddies are allowed and that makes one wonder…what happens if someone like Sophie Horn or Blair O’Neal happened to pitch up for a quick 6 holes one afternoon?
Those caddies would have to be very experienced not to be “impressed” by their player & maintain their composure at all times!


Kirat on 30 Sep 2013
Re:Nude golf at La Jenny Golf Course

Yeah - Composure

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