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Playing from a divot
Remember that to get out of a divot, you have to take another divot. Many beginners and even some intermediate players often do not take divots after the ball because they lack confidence and have neve read more..
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Better downswing against a slice
Most people with a slice problem cut across the ball on the downswing. To learn the correct path for the clubhead to follow, think of a rope attached to a tree above you. From the top of the backswing, read more..
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Using Visual Aids to Line Up a Putt
What are the professionals doing when they mark their ball, crouch down and then seem to fiddle with the ball before placing it back on the green? Many times, they're trying to line up the manufacturer read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows
Improve Your Balance and Game
When you're having problems making good contact, it's often because you start to sway, lose balance, and stop turning. One of the best drills to help cure this problem is to hit balls with your feet ab read more..
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Getting more distance
The key to hitting a golf ball a long way is minimizing your hip turn and maximizing your shoulder turn. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make sure that your left knee doesn't slide to the righ read more..
Courtesy: Frank J. Peter
Stroke the Ball, Don't Hit It
Often the difference between a strong, powerful swing and a misguided hack is the tendency to hit, rather than stroke, the ball. The difference can be seen when examining a short putt, when it is easy read more..
Courtesy: Tom Ward, PGA Tour Instructor
How to Stop “Looking Up”
Many beginning golfers have the “Look Up” problem. They are so anxious to see where the ball might go that they "look before they leap" and miss the ball completely. In some groups, if you do this read more..
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Stay Flexible on Tee and Fairway
One of the worst things you can do to your golf game is to tighten up or get too tense when teeing off, or when you're on the fairway or green. Instructors have a cure for this; it's a drill called “ read more..
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Etiquette on the Green.
There are certain rules you are expected to follow when your ball is on or near the green. Suppose one golfer in a Par-3 hole hits his ball into a sandtrap not far from the pin. Another player lands h read more..
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Putting - 'Hit and Hold'. Click on more to view this tip.
The most common cause for missed putts is movement. Golfers change their original posture in an attempt to see where the ball is going. This is suicide. At practice be aware of your posture as you line read more..
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