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PAY-PLAY : at Jaypee Greens - Gr. Noida , Noida GC - Noida , Qutab GC - Delhi , Rambagh GC - Jaipur & Unitech GCC - Noida.

BOOK YOUR TEE TIME : For AEPTA - Delhi, AFSC - Delhi, Noida GC - Noida, Qutab GC - Delhi, Rambagh GC - Jaipur & US Club - Mumbai.

GOLF TIPS : Improve on your game of Golf

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Putting - 'Hit and Hold'. Click on more to view this tip.
The most common cause for missed putts is movement. Golfers change their original posture in an attempt to see where the ball is going. This is suicide. At practice be aware of your posture as you line read more..
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IMPROVE SAND PLAY: The best way to find ones way out of a sand-trap is to hit the ball with the kind of force you would use to otherwise roll it from that position to near the pin. Technically, what i read more..
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Playing in the 'NOW' is one sure-shot way to regroup. Living in the past has helped no one and fear of repeating previous mistakes often leads to a complete black-out of the present and of the 'NOW' si read more..
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The grip is essential to get your arms and the club working t
The grip is essential to get your arms and the club working together. The swing is entirely dependent on this. There should be no tension while gripping the club. While both overlapping and interlockin read more..
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