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Weekly Tips Archive

The Long Bunker Game - Take the Easy Way Out
For long greenside bunkers — traditionally one of the most daunting shots in golf — don’t reduce your margin of error and make the shot harder than it already is. Too many golfers try read more..
Courtesy: Dale Abraham
Out-turn Your Target When Hitting Chips and Pitch Shots

When it comes to chipping and pitching, I see a lot of people using only the hands and arms to hit the shot. To become very good at these shots, you must use the pivot of the body so you can read more..
Courtesy: Jack Crosley
How to become a Putting Mechanic
The next time you play golf, I want you to count your total number of putts. Don't worry about how many putts you have per hole or how long or short they are. Just find your number. Once you have a num read more..
Courtesy: Brady Riggs
The ABCs Of Aiming And The 2-Minute Drill

After over 30 years of teaching golf, I’ve concluded that most golfers simply do not know how to aim. If you ask them where they should be aimed, they will most likely be able to tell you read more..
Courtesy: Chris Johnston
Glove Secrets to Fix your Grip

The first fundamental I teach every new student is how to properly hold the club because good golf swings start with good grips. Your hands are your only connection to the club, thus making the read more..
Courtesy: Jeff Ritter
Two Tips For More One-Putts

Following are two tips to help you make more one-putts and lower your score by Steve Dahlby (PGA):-

1. FIVE IN A ROW read more..
Courtesy: Steve Dahlby
Tee Party - Putt it the right distance!

If you're struggling with your distance control and three-putting, sometimes the best practice is to rehearse a simple drill that takes the focus off the hole and onto a different end goal. Whe read more..
Courtesy: Susie Corona
Try The Triple Grip For Putting

The putting grip best represents the individuality of golf. On Tour, if there are 160 golfers playing in an event, you’ll find no less than 160 different putting grips.
read more..
Courtesy: Dan Pasquariello
Common Mental Mistakes: Quick tips to cure the mind
1. Getting Easily Distracted.
There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander. Some players begin to thi read more..
Courtesy: Rick Sessinghaus
A Call To Arms

Every golfer will experience periods of inconsistent ballstriking, low confidence and a general sensation of swinging out of sync. For these times, I offer a quick fix: Quiet your lower body, a read more..
Courtesy: Art Sellinger