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Weekly Tips Archive

A Call To Arms

Every golfer will experience periods of inconsistent ballstriking, low confidence and a general sensation of swinging out of sync. For these times, I offer a quick fix: Quiet your lower body, a read more..
Courtesy: Art Sellinger
Cement and Spaghetti

My standard response to a question I frequently field at clinics and exhibitions about the proper feeling at address is: “It’s like cement and spaghetti.”

That read more..
Courtesy: Art Sellinger
Rough And Tough Shots - Escape Tough Lies With Ease


When your ball finds the deep rough like the position I'm in here, the smart play almost alway read more..
Courtesy: Bobby Hinds
Get Long Fly Straight

Bashing drives down the fairway is the best part of golf. So says me! A great drive sets up a low score, and when you're confident with your driving game, usually the rest of your game follows read more..
Courtesy: Ryan Noll
Hit More Greens - Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons

THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE HANDS AND CLUBHEAD is critically important. After all, it’s your only true linkage to the golf ball, meaning any slippage or loss of traction can lead to devast read more..
Courtesy: Jeff Johnson
Miss The Box: Stop the pop-ups and you'll hit the ball higher and farther than before

Angle of attack is the direction the clubhead travels into the back of the ball. Whether it be downward, upward or level with the ground, your angle of attack changes with the length of your cl read more..
Courtesy: Justin Klemballa
Slice Control: Sometimes the best way to cure a slice is to embrace it

Hitting a slice isn't all bad. If you can minimize it, then control it, a slice is actually one of the most repeatable shots you can hit. A "fade," which is also known as a slice that read more..
Courtesy: Derek Nannen
Two Ways to Get Up and Down
If you want to become a better player around the green, it helps to find the read more..
Courtesy: Tom Stickney
Simple Fixes for Common Faults

We all make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you're a Tour player or it's your first time touching a club, we're human beings, and we're all prone to making errors every now and then. Out here on read more..
Courtesy: Zach Allen
4 Ways To Score With A Hybrid
Learn These Key Shots To Shoot Lower Scores

By now, you’ve probably realized that hybrid clubs are a lot easier to hit than tra read more..
Courtesy: Frank O'Connell