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GOLF TIPS : Improve on your game of Golf

Weekly Tips Archive

Bunker Escapes

When it comes to bunkers, amateurs fear them far more often than do touring professionals. It’s ironic, considering that most bunker shots require the kind of swing many amateurs have, wh read more..
Courtesy: Jeff Yurkiewicz
The Lob Shot
Make a long, lazy swing with loose grip and abrupt and maximum wristcock on backswing.

Take a wide stance, lower handle of club, open the clubface and tilt the shaft away from the target read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
Full Swing Tip: The Fire Drill

Let’s assume you get the club to the top of the backswing, positioned somewhere above the right shoulder. You feel on balance, the swing is on-plane, but you still manage to either slice read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
Why Is the Grip So Important?

If you want to have a powerful, accurate golf swing it pays to understand how to maximize the effectiveness of your grip.

The grip is often known as the steering w read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
From 150 Yards Out

You’ve just hit your drive to within 150 yards of the green. If you’re like most golfers, that means all you have left is a 7- or 8-iron (that is, if you have a perfect lie, read more..
Courtesy: Nick Kumpis
How to Master the Perfect Putt  
Learn how to master the perfect Putt by taking into consideration these steps. Also deal with the breaking putts.
read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
Golf Myths & Simple Fixes

I’ve seen so many different approaches to golf instruction that some things have come full circle. For every instructor who says keep your head down, another says let it turn. For read more..
Courtesy: Bobby Hinds
Learn How To Master The Sand Wedge

The most successful golfers are the most creative ones. (Consider how inventive Phil Mickelson is when his tee shots get him in trouble.) But creativity on the course comes in many different fo read more..
Courtesy: Dale Abraham
Making Putts Over 25 Feet From The Hole  

For putts over 25 feet you want to work on some of Joe's pointers. Use these professional golfing instructions and visualize making that putt. You'll be sinking them from far away in no time!read more..
Courtesy: Joe Beck
Develop And Repeat A Consistent Preshot Routine

Read about how you can tackle the situation where you tee off on a hole with a hazard or OB on either side of the fairway.

When the game’s best golfers get ready read more..
Courtesy: John Stahlschmidt