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Do you agree with Thomas' view that Golf fans behaviour has become unacceptable?

Posted by Admin 19 Feb 2018

The perception surrounding the global Golf circuit is that rowdy fan behaviour is accelerating, forcing top professional Golf legends to vent out their ire against the unacceptable behaviour. Recently, Justin Thomas echoed similar sentiments and came in support of Rory McIlroy who shared that fan behaviour at the golf courses has become completely unacceptable.



Golf fans behaviour become unruly


The outburst comes following an incident at the Genesis Open where McIlroy quipped that the huge volume from the galleries gave him a headache and he needed some medicines to get rid of it.



“I wish it wasn't, I wish people didn't think it was so amusing to yell and all that stuff while we're trying to hit shots and play. But like I said, it's just a part of it.”



He added: “I guess they just think it's funny. It might be funny to them, and obviously, people think of it differently and I could just be overreacting, but when people are now starting to time it wrong and get in people's swings is just completely unacceptable really.


“We're out here playing for a lot of money, a lot of points, and a lot of things can happen, and you would just hate to see in the future something happens down the line because of something like that.”


Even Tiger Woods had earlier said that disruptions outside the ropes had majorly impacted his game a lot of times. At a time when Golf is wrestling with fans’ shrinking attention and needs to broaden its audience, do agree with Justin Thomas' statement.

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