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Getting started on 4moles.com


4moles.com is the 1st community building and UGC (user generated content) website of Asia, with the objective to be a “One Stop Golf site” for all desires of a Golfer. 4moles.com is leveraging the enormous popularity of social networking to target the well established community of golfers on the Internet & Mobile.

Through this section, we guide you through the site in an attempt to familiarize you with the various feature it offers and enable you to get the best possible tour of India’s first ever golf community site.

Getting Started Golf Courses Photos & Videos Community
>> Creating an account >> Locating and adding courses >> Viewing pictures of leading events >> Finding, inviting and adding friends
>> Creating a profile >> Book Tee Time >> Viewing & uploading Videos >> My Page
>> Member Options     >> Blogs
>> Posting and updating scores     >> Groups
>> Handicap Index & Calculator     >> Forums
>> Posting comments and scraps      
>> Posting photos      



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Creating a 4moles.com account:

Membership is on a yearly US$ 100 subscription.
4moles.com provides you with an opportunity to contact and stay in touch with your golfing buddies pan-Asia . . . to share your best golfing moments, pictures, scores and the works as and when you please.
4moles.com enables you to see the profiles of your classmates or co-workers on the site.
4moles.com also provides members with Online Book Tee Time facility with partner Golf Courses.

All you need to do is to click the ‘Request Invite’ icon on the top-left corner of the home-page. Fill out the following details:



Click the ‘Submit Request’ button and we will get back to you on your e-mail address.



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Creating a profile:

Your profile comprises of your personal information and recent activity.
Also available are facilities to post cool videos, articles and other information. The facility to write message on other people’s walls as well as receive the same on your own personal wall add a personalized touch to 4moles as does the facility to locate and post your pictures on the site.
It must be remembered that while you can search for anyone on 4Moles, only profiles of your friends and people in your networks will be accessible to you.

Your privacy is extremely important to us and we guarantee secrecy with regard to you personal information and email address.



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Member Options:

Click on the hyphen on the ‘members OPTIONS’ section on the profile page and you will see the following options displayed. Click on the option of your choice and explore the service that 4moles.com uniquely provides to you.


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Posting and updating scores:

Keep your golfing buddies updated on your achievements


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Handicap Index & Calculator:

You can even check your Handicap Index by entering your score cards (minimum 5 cards) and apply this index to a Golf Course's rating to know your handicap for that particular course.


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Invite a friend:

To invite a friend, click on the ‘Invite New Friend’ option under the ‘member OPTION’ icon

The friend gets added to your list post receiving the invite and upon registering for the site



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Posting photos:

A picture speaks a thousand words. 4moles.com enables you to share your latest golfing experience with the world in just a click of a button.



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Posting comments and scraps:

A perfect platform to engage in a relaxing golfing discussion with your buddies across the world from the confines of board-room.


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Locating golf courses:

4moles.com provides takes you on a guided tour of leading golf courses in India, how to get to them and what they have to offer. Our aim is to provide you, through our site, with all the information you might seek before you get to the course.

Click the ‘Browse Golf Course’ link under the ‘Community’ section on the left of the home page. Search for a course using the following format.






Booking Tee Times:

4moles.com gives its members the facility to book tee times via the Internet on partner Golf Courses. This can be accessed by clicking on the link 'Book Tee Time'. Select a Golf Course that you would like to play on by clicking on the BOOK button against the course name.

This will open the starter sheet view. Next select an available sheet from the drop down menu, a preferred Starting Tee (Tee 1 or Tee 10), and press View Sheet.

Once the available slots are listed out, click on 'Book' at a time slot of your liking.






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Viewing photos of leading events:

Stay abreast with happenings in golf through 4moles. We provide you with a visual treat through this section.
Click on the ‘Photo’ link on the home page.



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Viewing & Uploading videos:

Not only can you view featured Golf-related videos in the Videos Section, you can even upload your own, be it Golf Humour, Tips, or your favourite Trick Shot.



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Finding, inviting and adding friends:

You can find a friend on 4moles.com by one of the following two methods:

a) Using the ‘search’ option on the home-page
b) Using the advanced search option that appears to the left of your screen under the ‘search USERS’ option once you log in




To invite a friend, click on the ‘Invite New Friend’ option under the ‘member OPTION’ icon
The friend gets added to your list post receiving the invite and upon registering for the site.


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My Page:

My Page is a central interaction point for members of 4moles. All interactivities of a member & his/her friends are listed here, and are open to comments.



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Need a place to write about your thoughts around Golf? Set up a blog at 4moles.com and share your views with the Golfing fraternity.




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Create your own group of like-minded Golfers or join a group that suits your interest. 4moles.com Groups are all about networking with golfers with similar interests.




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Have a point of view about a particular topic or an event? Discuss about it in the Forums and get to know other golfers' views & opinions about the subject.