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Golf Trolley- A golfer’s new buddy

Posted by Admin 24 Aug 2020

Written by: Betsy Babu


There is nothing soothing like taking the time to walk on the course during a round of golf. Taking the day to relax on the greens shouldn't involve lugging your golf clubs around the course. Many golfers will now be forced to carry their clubs for the entire stretch of the course. Sure you could have hired a caddy to carry them around for you but now due to the Covid times, even the caddies are at bay. But you could make things easier by getting yourself a golf trolley.


Golf trollies have come to help the golferss and become their new buddies.


Golf trollies provide golfing enthusiasts with an excellent alternative to golf carts and shoulder straps. These offer the best of both worlds: the ability to walk the course, while furnishing a few extra wheels to help carry the load. Trollies have grown very popular with golfers due to its ergonomic function, portability, and the abundance of user-friendly features.


Many people underestimate the effort it takes to play a round of golf; you burn around 1200 calories per round carrying your clubs. As you can see, this is a considerable amount of energy to burn and much of this is because golf bags are heavy and a round of golf is a long walk. Why not give your body a break and pull instead? Golf trollies aren't just one size fits all, as there are several makes and models available on the market today.



So what exactly should you know before buying the one that’s for you?

Golf trollies have been on the market for years. As the name suggests, they allow players to secure their golf bag on a set of wheels for assistance with pulling/pushing the clubs along the course. When purchasing a model, you should consider the following options to determine what suits your particular needs best:

  • Wheel Count and Main frame:

Today's golf trollies feature two wheels, three wheels and even four wheels, but keep in mind that a higher wheel count doesn't mean better performance. When shopping for a push or a pull cart, make sure you consider wheel diameter over wheel count. The Main frame of the trolley should have least joints and stronger frame, preferably made of aluminum. The bigger the wheels are, the better the cart will handle rough terrain and steep grades. The number of wheels also depends on how heavy your golf bag is. For lighter bags three wheel golf trollies are perfectly adaptable.

  • Brackets or Straps:

When it comes to securing your golf bag to your trolley, you have several options. Many entry-level pull golf trollies come equipped with nylon straps to keep golf bags in place, while newer models supply adjustable brackets to lock your gear down. Whatever your choice is be prepared to pay a little more for high-tech and easy fastening.

  • Speed or Stability?

Three-wheeled trollies are popular versions of today's push golf trollies, but while many speed trollies feature hand-braking systems and locking wheels, some players still prefer the low-lying stability of a four-wheeled push golf cart. But what you need to understand is that four- wheel trollies just help carry more weight, its working, speed and stability is very similar to that of a three wheel trolley.

  • Trolley Frame:

When shopping for a new golf trolley, make sure that the frame is made of high-quality aluminium. An aluminium frame will not rust, and will provide a tough, lightweight mode of transportation for all of your golf gear.  It will be better to look for a trolley with a thicker frame.

  • Fold-Down Design (Collapsible trolley):

The last thing you want is another bulky piece of equipment you have to force into your car every time you hit the course. When shopping for a trolley, look for models that feature fold-down designs. They should have simple-to-use latching systems that allow users to fold and unfold them with ease, making it a breeze to get them in and out of your vehicle.

  • Trolleys Brakes

Different brake mechanics can be found in a numberr of golf trolleys and this should be something that is checked before chosing a model. Basic bakes work well at keeping trolleys sentry on hillsides, although there's no guarantee it will perform this way on very steep declines. Brakes need to be strong in order to hold golf club and golg bag when going up or down hills. They need to be strong enough to keep you in control of the slope. Many carts only have manual breaks at the wheels, while others have a simple break mechanism near the handle, but this is only to keep the cart stationary and cannot help slow it down should it begin to move.


If you are the type of golfer that enjoys walking the golf course, but could use a helping hand with the clubs, then you must consider getting yourself a golf trolley ( Click here to get your buddy). There are a variety of options available for different models, including trollies that feature umbrella mounts, smartphone holders, solid foam tires for rugged terrain and stainless steel ball bearings that ensure rust-free function for years on end. Golf trollies give players the ability to walk the course again, without the high cost of potential back problems and also without caddies. One of the best things about using a golf trolley is that you can carry more stuff with less effort; you can use a bigger bag and be more prepared. This is a particular advantage on days when the weather looks like it could and will change constantly.