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This 9-year-old Golf prodigy raps, writes his lyrics and reviews toys on YouTube

Posted by Admin 04 Sep 2019

While most of us spend our childhood consuming hours of mindless cartoons, some kids are more focussed on things like composing symphonies, playing Golf and reviewing toys on YouTube. No wonder, they make you look like worthless turds.  Meet the fierce 9-year-old Golf prodigy Kartik Singh who glides over all obstacles that come his way and has been creating ripples in the world of Golf. When he is not golfing, he raps and pens down his own lyrics. A big fan of Nerf Guns, the wonder boy reviews them on YouTube when he gets a new one as a prize.



Kartik Singh



To say that this kid is talented would be the understatement of the decade. The budding Golfer showed his mettle when the wonder boy from Gurgaon finished third in the US Kids Golf World Championship, one of the biggest and prestigious junior Golf tournaments in the world. The tournament saw the participation of more than 150 best junior golfers in each age




Father Dhananjay Singh shared with a happy tone in his voice, “Kartik shot an unprecedented 65 (7 under par) on the final day to take his total tally to 8 under par 208 (72 - 71 - 65) for the three-day tournament. In the end, he just fell short by one stroke to two boys at tied first place from Canada and Thailand. Our boy has proven that he has what it takes to perform amongst the toughest level of competition.”



kartik singh




The Golf prodigy had also emerged as a winner of 96th Albatross junior golf tournament held at Noida Golf Course recently.



The proud father shared an interesting anecdote on how Kartik’s stint with Golf began. “When I first took him to a golf range at Kochi, at the age of five, he seemed to have excellent hand-eye coordination which is essential for golf. He fell in love with the game at once and was always ready to sacrifice his park time for golf practice. He would even cry if for some reason he had to miss out on golf. In order to decide whether he should pursue golf seriously, I took him to Karnataka Golf Association, Bangalore and got him assessed by coach Sreedhar. He also emphasized that Kartik is a very talented prospect in golf. I had to believe him when I saw that he had posted Kartik's swing video on his Facebook page with the remarks that he is a future golf star. Around the same time, God also intervened with his blessings and my wife got an offer to join Indigo airlines at Gurgaon and migrate from Kochi to Gurgaon that provided better golf Avenues. She did accept the offer and the rest is history.”



We hope Kartik continues his success streak and bring more laurels to his country.



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