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Your guide to buy or sell pre-owned Golf Equipment

Posted by Admin 20 Sep 2020

Written by: Betsy Babu


Over time, it’s common for most golfers to upgrade their equipment. When you purchase a new driver, a set of irons or a putter, it makes your old equipment somewhat obsolete. You don’t however have to leave your old clubs in your storerooms gathering dust or throw them out.



So what can be done with them?

  • Pass them on to your family members, kids or grandkids, who are just beginners to the game of golf.
  • Give them as charity to those can’t afford it.
  • Trade in for new ones.
  • Sell them off  if you know they can fetch you a good amount.



Many golf enthusiasts may not be able to afford the brand new equipment. Individuals can purchase used golf equipment in perfect condition from second hand shops or even buy online. Golf equipment comprises of golf bags, balls, accessories and clothing. A set of clubs is the most important equipment in the game of golf.


Golf clubs of a recent vintage are always an excellent value provided they’re in good condition and fit you reasonably well. With a little research and good guidance from a knowledgeable friend or golf expert, used clubs can definitely be the way to go.





Purchasing used golf equipment enables first time and casual golf players to massively save on expenses. Individuals can find second hand equipment if they focus on some key aspects.


Do your research


First-time golfers should carry out extensive research before purchasing a set of golf clubs. It is important to seek guidance on the ideal materials, sizes, and shaft flexibility from veteran golf players.


Know the basics of Golf Equipment


A set of golf clubs come with drivers, wedges and mix of irons. Eight irons, a pitching wedge, three kinds of wood, and a putter make a standard set of clubs. A half set includes four irons, two kinds of wood, and a putter. Purchasing half sets is ideal for beginners since they are cheaper than full sets. Every club has a different function.


Check the fitting


Depending on what you're buying, it might have been custom fitted to its previous owner, so do pay attention to the fittings.


Be prepared for a re-grip


The grip is your only contact with the club, so it is worthwhile making sure it's in good shape and gives the feel you like. Not every second hand club will need a re-grip, but just be prepared to make a switch. It's also the best way to make a used club feel new again.


Second hand Golf Bags


A golf bag enables you to keep the clubs well-arranged and neat. Many bags are made from synthetic materials such as PVC and Nylon. They come with extra pockets for storing tees, gloves, balls and other accessories. They also have club dividers.


Second hand Golf Balls


Second hand golf balls are ideal for first time, practicing and casual-play golf players. Since new players are likely to lose golf bags to water hazards, second hand balls come in handy to cut down costs. Some second hand golf balls can be as perfect as the new ones.



It is important to look for quality as worn out equipment can affect performance. Second hand golf equipment is bound to have some blemishes. Take time to check and scrutinize the equipment thoroughly.


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