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Day 1 at the PGA Championship 2024: Who Led the Pack?

Posted by Admin 17 May 2024

The PGA Championship 2024 teed off with a historic start, captivating golf enthusiasts around the world as it unfurled the drama and skill that define pro golf. Amidst the verdant fairways and meticulously tended greens, the opening day lived up to its prestigious name, with the PGA leaderboard bustling with surprising performances and expected masterstrokes. This iconic tournament, known for its hefty purse and challenging courses, offers not just a test of skill for the players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, and newcomers but also a feast of golf scores for fans tracking every swing, putt, and drive.



Tiger Woods started his day with a drive down the 10th fairway during the first day



As the day unfolded, standout players emerged, defying expectations and setting the stage for an electrifying tournament. This article delves deep into the heart of the PGA Championship 2024, scrutinizing the key moments that shaped the leaderboard, the strategies employed by the frontrunners, and the hurdles they overcame. With an eye on the dynamic shifts in the golf leaderboard, including performances by Tony Finau, Xander Schauffele, among others, and an analysis of tee times for day 2, we provide a comprehensive overview of what to anticipate as the championship progresses.



Unveiling the Highlights: A Historic Start



Xander Schauffele's Record-Setting Round



Xander Schauffele looks on from the 10th fairway during the first round of the 2024



Xander Schauffele made history at the PGA Championship 2024 by shooting a 9-under-par 62, tying the lowest single-round score ever recorded at a men's major championship. This remarkable achievement at Valhalla Golf Club not only set the course record but also marked Schauffele's entry into an elite group, as he now holds two of the four 62s ever recorded in major tournament history.



Competitors' Notable Performances



Rory McIlroy looks over the 13th green before putting for birdie during the first round



Following closely behind Schauffele, Tony Finau and Sahith Theegala each carded a 6-under 65, positioning themselves three strokes back. Rory McIlroy, not far behind, shot a 5-under 66, showcasing his resilience and skill on a course where he has previously triumphed. Other notable performances included Scottie Scheffler, who began his round with an eagle and finished with a 4-under 67, and Collin Morikawa, who rallied from an over-par start to close the day at 5-under.



Impact of the First Day's Play on the Leaderboard


The first day's exceptional performances significantly shaped the PGA leaderboard. Schauffele's lead set a commanding pace, while the strong starts by Finau, Theegala, and McIlroy promise a competitive atmosphere moving forward. The day concluded with 64 players scoring under par, highlighting the high level of play and setting the stage for an exciting continuation of the championship.



Standout Players: Surprises and Expectations



Scottie Scheffler's Remarkable Eagle



Scottie Scheffler plays a shot during the first round of the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla



Scottie Scheffler, entering the PGA Championship 2024 as a new father, showcased his resilience and skill right from the start. His first hole as a dad was nothing short of cinematic, with a 167-yard hole-out for an eagle on No. 1 at Valhalla Golf Club. This spectacular start not only highlighted Scheffler's exceptional form but also set a tone for his performance in the tournament. Despite a three-week hiatus, there were no signs of rust, underscoring his preparedness and determination to lead.



Top Contenders for the Championship


Brooks Koepka tees off on the 12th hole during the first round of the 2024 PGA Champioship



  1. Rory McIlroy emerged as a formidable contender, with recent victories adding to his momentum. His improved accuracy and driving distance positioned him as a strong candidate to clinch his first major since 2014.
  2. Brooks Koepka, known for his strategic play and resilience, entered the championship in good form. Having won three of the last six PGA Championships, Koepka's experience and well-rounded game made him a top contender.
  3. Jon Rahm, despite a lack of wins in the season, remained a threat due to his elite tee-to-green game. His historical performance and skill set offered him a chance to surprise many.


Underdogs Making Their Mark


The PGA Championship 2024 saw unexpected players rising to the occasion, challenging the established norms. Ludvig Aberg, a relatively new name on the PGA Tour, quickly made his presence felt. With a rapid rise in rankings and a second-place finish at his first-ever major appearance at the 2024 Masters, Aberg proved that his talent and skill could not be underestimated. His journey in the tournament was keenly watched by enthusiasts, eager to see if he could maintain his form and potentially secure a victory against the odds.



Analyzing Key Moments: Strategies and Challenges



Strategic plays that defined Day 1


  1. Weather played a pivotal role, impacting everything from drive power to course speed. Players had to adapt their strategies based on the extended weather forecast, making informed decisions on their bets for golf futures and head-to-head markets.
  2. The schedule's influence was notable, with golfers teeing off early encountering a slower, softer course, while afternoon players faced drier, faster conditions. This required a tactical approach, adjusting play styles to suit the varying fairways and greens.



Challenges faced by the players


  1. Valhalla's diverse weather conditions presented a significant challenge, with humidity and precipitation making the fairways and greens lush and soft. Golfers accustomed to firmer, faster courses had to adjust their game, particularly in their approach play and short game strategies.
  2. Unexpected weather changes, such as the remnants of hurricane Ike, demanded all hands on deck, affecting not just the players but the entire course's condition. This added an extra layer of difficulty, with course staff working tirelessly to manage the impact.



Weather and course conditions affecting gameplay


  1. The impact of weather on gameplay was undeniable, with forecasts of showers and thunderstorms necessitating close monitoring by PGA officials. The potential for lightning posed a safety risk, leading to weather warnings and temporary suspensions of play.
  2. The course condition, notably affected by prior rainfall, resulted in low scoring opportunities. However, the threat of further precipitation and the possibility of thunderstorms added an element of unpredictability, influencing players' strategies and preparations for the rounds ahead.



Looking Ahead: Predictions for Day 2



Anticipated Matchups and Pairings


The second round of the PGA Championship 2024 promises thrilling matchups, with tee times set to ignite the competition further. A highlight includes Ludvig Aberg, Xander Schauffele, and Justin Thomas teeing off at 1:18 p.m., a grouping that combines raw talent with seasoned skill. Another notable pairing is Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Justin Rose, scheduled for 1:40 p.m., offering a blend of strategic mastery and power. The 2:02 p.m. slot featuring Brooks Koepka, Max Homa, and Jordan Spieth is also expected to draw significant attention, showcasing a mix of championship pedigree and rising stars.



Players to Watch


  1. Xander Schauffele: After a record-setting start, Schauffele is the player to beat. His bogey-free 9-under 62 has set a high bar for the competition.
  2. Rory McIlroy: Four shots back, McIlroy's resilience in overcoming challenges during the first round makes him a strong contender to close the gap.
  3. Brooks Koepka: The defending champion is well-positioned to vie for his third PGA Championship title, starting the second round with momentum.
  4. Tiger Woods: Despite being below the projected cutline, Woods is anticipated to make a strong push to remain in contention.



Expectations from the Course


Valhalla Golf Club's conditions, notably its rough and greens, are expected to play a significant role in the day's outcomes. The rough, known for its length and wetness, will challenge players to employ strategic shot-making to navigate the course effectively. Additionally, the greens are holding well, potentially allowing for lower scores if the weather remains conducive. With a 60% chance of rain and the possibility of thunderstorms, players and spectators alike will be keenly watching how the course conditions evolve, influencing strategies and potentially reshaping the leaderboard.






As the PGA Championship 2024 rolls into the next phase, the opening day has left a trail of memorable moments and set an electrifying atmosphere for what promises to be a tournament filled with strategic victories and stunning upsets. The historic rounds by Xander Schauffele, alongside the commendable performances from Tony Finau, Rory McIlroy, and the surprising twists from up-and-comers, have established a highly competitive landscape. The remarkable scoring and the relentless pursuit of excellence by these golfers not only underscore the fierce competition but also the deep passion and dedication inherent to the game of golf, promising viewers an unforgettable tournament.


For enthusiasts eager to keep abreast of every turn and twist in this compelling narrative, staying updated on the PGA Championship 2024 with becomes an indispensable part of the experience. With anticipation building for the coming rounds, the PGA Championship remains not just a test of skill, but a celebration of golf's enduring spirit and the sheer unpredictability that makes it such a beloved sport.

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