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Father’s Day Special: “Listen to your father and you can do wonders,” says Shubhankar’s father Mohan Sharma

Posted by Admin 16 Jun 2019

Sparking strength in our ambitions and endeavours, our fathers taught us how to lead with passion and how to stand our ground. And here’s one such inspiring father who has steadfastly motivated his son to fearlessly chase his wildest dreams. Even though if it meant forsaking his own job to pursue the ambitions of his son. Golf titan Shubhankar’s father Col Mohan Sharma quit his Army job to support his son’s Golf endeavour.



shubhankar with father



In an exclusive brief interaction with, Col Mohan Sharma shares a special message on the occasion of Father’s Day. So what’s that special bond between a father and a son who also have a common passion for the game. “We are not separate people. No matter how difficult things may be, no matter how hard times may get, we can always count on each other. He has never hidden any secrets from me, neither did I. That’s how close we are.”



Shubhankar too has always said that without his dad’s support, he wouldn’t have been playing golf. His father is the biggest source of inspiration.



shubhankarr sharma father



Shubhankar’s father has been travelling with him in every tournament and has played a consequential role in helping him ride the crest of success.  And what advice does he want to give to his children on this Father’s day?


Col Mohan Sharma is quick to reply,” Listen to your father and you can do wonders.”  The way Shubhankar is weaving magic with his golfing skills, we definitely couldn’t agree more.

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    Vijay 11 months

    Well done, ML... We are proud of you and Subhankar ....................... Subhankar, Blast your way through and like the Sappers, make your own way where there are none and keep it going.........Good wishes come to you from your father's friend for a long time now....all the best............................................

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