Are you hassled by worse Golf shots? We often wrestle with the Golf swing because of the major swing flaws. Avoid these Biggest Golf Swing Mistakes, play well and improve your game.


Not Warming Up will ruin your Swing


Golf warm up


Nothing will ruin your swing faster than trying to hit it 300 yards off the first tee without warming up. It’s more common than you think. This affliction is commonly observed in any local course on Saturday morning. Golfers either think they are too cool to warm up, or they don’t know how. Before the round, work through your bag by taking smooth swings with each club, starting with the wedges and progressing to fairway metals and driver.


Inappropriate Clubs may hamper your swing


golf swing mistakes


For some reason, many golfers have the impression that all clubs are the same. Perhaps they pick up a set on sale at a local department store and then wonder why they are having problems with their swing.

As experienced golfers know, getting fitted correctly with the right clubs will go a long way toward eliminating many swing flaws without any additional effort by the golfer.


Swinging Too Hard


golf swing



In the past few decades, the finesse aspect of golf has given ground to the power side of the game. Equipment manufacturers are partly to blame because much of their marketing talks about power and distance gains. On the other hand, they are simply responding to what golfers say they want.


Survey after survey shows that the number one thing golfers want is more distance and power. In an attempt to achieve these goals, golfers tend to swing way too hard and too fast.


While it is true that a faster swing will technically produce a longer shot, the ball must also be struck in the middle of the clubface. Average golfers do not have the skill to swing at tremendous speeds and hit the ball cleanly. By slowing down, you will give the swing time to happen in a proper sequence. Your shots will be cleaner you’ll get healthy distance and much more consistency.



(Keiser University College of Golf)