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Degree of loft Posted By ATUL SHAH at 16 Apr 2014

 How much loft in degrees does a Sand and Pitching wedge have? What about other irons? 


ATUL on 22 Apr 2014
Re: Degree of loft

Thanks Ankush & Dinesh.......

Ankush on 21 Apr 2014
Re: Degree of loft

loft depends manufacturer to manufacturer. a pw can be 45 to 50 and sw 50 to 55 requiring you to buy a gw ... ex tm rbz irons, pw is 45 and sw is 55 ...

Dinesh on 21 Apr 2014
Re: Degree of loft

This is a bit of a complicated one.

Whenever, you buy a new set, the pitching wedge is a 50 degrees. and if there is a sand wedge in the full set it will be a 56 degree or a 54 or a 56 degree.

Interestingly, between 50 degree and 60 degree wedges .. there are 4 more wedges in even degrees (52, 54, 56, 58) ... Golfers buy and use these wedges based on there game requirement and style of play. If you are a long hitter and you are mostly around 80 yards from the pin then a golfer would 54 or a 56 degree.

Happy Golfing!

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