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Nobody ever finds a GOLF Ball ! Posted By Dinesh Thakur at 31 Mar 2015

……last Sunday, I lost a ball in the palms near the 3rd green. After finishing the round I went to the caddy master, Mr Puttaraj, and asked him whether anyone had found a Titleist Pro V marked with three dots.


After giving me a long look he said, ”No, sir. I’ve been here for over 17 years, and people have handed over lost wallets, mobiles, car keys, club head covers, even some clubs, but in all these years no one in this club has ever found a lost golf ball.”


Ajai Kumar on 23 Feb 2016
Re:Nobody ever finds a GOLF Ball !

Smart & seasoned (low grade) caddies showingly look for your incorrectly hit (or directionally misguided) ball at the wrong place. They also ask you not to fret over the lost ball, as they would easily get you many more better looking balls, at half price, after you finish playing. Your lost ball is duly marked by them for collection, after you have left the course.

Tajinder Singh on 01 Apr 2015
Re:Nobody ever finds a GOLF Ball !

Ha, Ha, Ha - I could show you many "lost" balls in various bags on any golf course!!!

Kv on 31 Mar 2015
Re:Nobody ever finds a GOLF Ball !

That's right. People rarely find a lost golf ball. It requires a 24 handicapper to prove that he has better eyesight. He spots not only lost golf balls but even other fellow golfers ball in play at the right spot.

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