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Bollywood movie Freaky Ali - Freaks out golfers - gets 2/5 stars rating! Posted By saloni sharma at 12 Sep 2016

Freaky Ali, the bollywood golf movie, turned out to be a typical sports film that you can possibly think of and, which is marked by old fashioned story-telling and over the top, deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events. Predictable to the core storyline of a poor man taking to a rich man’s game, golf, and succeeding at it at that.

The story revolves around an undergarment seller Ali (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) with a talent . The man is great with a club and knows how to putt his shots right. His talent is spotted by a caddy and there begins Ali’s journey from a Gali (streets) to a golf course. The film’s plot had a lot of potential but the makers attempt at making it comedy-laden didn’t quite work well. What could’ve been an inspiring and a touching journey ends up into a highly melodramatic yet a comedy movie.
First half of the movie is fine and second half of the movie is a mockery of golf with the typical Sohail Khan movie direction style of believing in mass entertainment with a ‘disguised message’. Golf, for anyone who’s ever tried it, is as much an acquired skill as it is a sport. If you were rich enough to afford the green-fee, it’s unlikely that you’d find a bunch of nanga street kids beating drums and dancing for you at a posh club (even t-shirts without collars aren’t usually allowed). Scenes which may even be par for the course's ettiquetes  — mixing ‘satta’ with desi dons, trite and  clichéd dialogues, and second-rate, sexist, self-referencing jokes, certainly do not count.They have dhol playing on the course in a tournament with bare top boys dancing and the entry of Jackie shroff the Don standing on two carts driving across the golf course.
In short, the movie is a freaky mess. Sad to see a talent like Nawazauddin wasted by a predictable superficial story and poor enactment. Apart from the protagonist, none of the actors feel connected to their own story. The storyline could have worked wonders only if the director would’ve played safe and stuck to just making an inspirational story and focussed more on promoting the game. 

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 star-rating.


Dinesh on 12 Sep 2016
Re:Bollywood movie Freaky Ali - Freaks out golfers - gets 2/5 stars rat

really? ... I was planning to go for it!.. :-(

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