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Swing Tips
Ask for or share Golf swing tips.

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The Putt-Chip Shot
By Jon Paupore The putt-chip is a shot that I encourage all of my students to learn at our golf school. It's easy, it's reliable, and even the pros use it to get up and down in a hurry. By keeping t...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 5 years ago
Go Topless
If you tend to skull your fairway woods, it’s because you’re catching the ball on the upswing, often caused by trying to scoop or lift the ball up. To fix this problem, you have to unders...
3 Nusrat Abbasi, over 4 years ago
Hmm... been told many times but I think the tee idea for practise is good. will try....  More
Golf Swing Plane
With a golf swing, the swing plane sometimes sounds complicated, but it's not. This golf instruction video from PGA Professional Charlie King explains the nuances of getting the right angle. Unlike ...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 5 years ago
Bunker Escapes
By Jeff Yurkiewicz When it comes to bunkers, amateurs fear them far more often than do touring professionals. It’s ironic, considering that most bunker shots require the kind of swing many...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 5 years ago
Hit the Deliberate Slice
Learn how to hit a deliberate slice when the situation demands for it. Romit Bose shows you how. For more advice, you can contact him via email - romit_bose72@yahoo.com...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 6 years ago
Master the Perfect Putt
Learn how to master the perfect Putt by taking into consideration these steps. Also deal with the breaking putts....
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 6 years ago
'Best of the Best' ... Golf Instruction (Article by Sanam Merchant)
0 Sanam Merchant, over 6 years ago
Dustin Johnson at the US Open
Dustin Johnson's terrible final round is attributed to pressure by most analysts. Here is a video analysis of his swing that says otherwise. While the analysis seems too technical, I found parts o...
1 Dinesh Thakur, over 6 years ago
A bit too detailed and complicated .... but definately a lot of study and hardwork put in by the Creater ... Cheers....  More
Correct Golf Grip Pressure
  Golfers whose Golf swings are much admired usually have a very relaxed and flowing motion. They achieve these great golf swings by making sure one thing is missing, TENSION! This destructive ...
1 Dinesh Thakur, over 6 years ago
Nice... I like the toothpaste example... :-)...  More
Tiger Woods Swing Sequence
The biggest change in golf instruction over the last 50 years has been the video camera. One of Ben Hogan’s regrets was that he only worked on what he thought he did, not what he actually did. Th...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 6 years ago