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Charges on booking Tee Time on Home Club
 I am a member of the Noida Golf Club and was trying to book tee off time online here. As member I am not charged Green Fees by the club. However, the site is charging me money when I book through...
2 Anirudh Chandra, about 1 month ago
Dear Sir, I trust everything is working as intended now. Please do feel free to contact us for further assistance. ...  More
golf quiz challenge
 hello,  i have won the last week quiz. can any one tell me the procedure to claim prize...
2 iqbal singh kharb, 8 months ago
thanks for timely reply...  More
Golf Stickers
Looking for Golf stickers, which can be pasted on windshield of a car e.g "Born to Golf, Forced to Work",  "Golf my Passion" etc but not finding them online in India. Can you p...
1 Dinesh Thakur, about 1 year ago
http://4moles.com/golf-products/422-4moles-com-stickers Hi Vijay .. you can find then in the 4moles.com online proshop. The link is above. Cheers...  More
0 Amit Sharma, over 2 years ago
Need applicants for Android App beta-testing
Hi, We need volunteers from the 4moles.com community to help us conduct beta-tests on the Android app: PalmGolf. To streamline the process, kindly send in an email to anirudh@4moles.com with the ...
0 Anirudh Chandra, over 2 years ago
Degree of loft
 How much loft in degrees does a Sand and Pitching wedge have? What about other irons? ...
3 ATUL SHAH, over 2 years ago
Thanks Ankush & Dinesh..........  More
Rules clarification.
can a practice swing be made from a hazard? ...
1 Dinesh Thakur, over 2 years ago
yes... but without touching any part of the hazard....  More
local rules
what is the correct local rule for electric pilons and other pilons which are located bang in the middle of fairways and invariably tend to spoil a well hit golf shot from the Tee. Can the local rule m...
2 Dinesh Thakur, over 3 years ago
As per the R&A rules, immovable obstruction is NOT for ball in flight. Therefore, these specific cases like electric pilons, wires across the fairway e...  More
micromax golf quiz challenge
Hii, i have won the quiz challenge last week...can anybody tell me how to claim the prize?...
3 Lt Col Anupam Bhattacharjee, over 3 years ago
thanks Dinesh...  More
Golf Trolley
 Hi  I need to buy a Golf Trolley. Can anyone suggest a light and durable trolley in the range 2 to 4000.  Please also tell me the shop where I can buy the trolley in NCR. Regards ...
4 Kirat Kalra, over 3 years ago
01126965597 they will connect you to the pro shop at Qutab...  More