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GOLF TIPS : Improve on your game of Golf

Weekly Tips Archive

The putterface & its dependence for short putts
The putterface is crucial to making short putts. You need to square your putterface. A problem many golfers have with short putts is not being able to keep the putterface square throughout the stro read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
Cure the Slice, Watch the Face
The simple cause of slicing is an open clubface. The simple cure for slicing is to get the clubface square through the impact zone on a consistent basis. To accomplish this, you must learn to properly read more..
Courtesy: Nick Kumpis
Putting - Expect the ball to drop
The most important thing is to expect the ball to go in the hole. That is where it belongs. Keeping your body still, create a clockwork rhythm in your putting action. If you keep it as simple as count read more..
Courtesy: Eddie Lester
The Backswing
Keep the left arm straight (right handed players) during the backswing and go back as far as you can. Your tempo is dictated really by your personality, some people are naturally slow movers so will ha read more..
Courtesy: 4moles.com
Get more Power - Anchor your right foot
One key to hitting more powerful golf shots is keeping your body behind the ball before impact. A premature lifting of the right foot during the downswing causes golfers to shift too much of their weig read more..
Courtesy: Art Sellinger
Don't freeze up the Backswing
Once you have gone through your pre-shot routine and assumed your stance, don't stop - as so many golfers do - by grounding the club behind the ball and going into a trance that leads to muscle tension read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows
How to play the Fade Shot
Remember that a fade will cost you distance, especially if you try to add more height to the shot. So take that into consideration when visualizing what you are about to do and selecting your club. In read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows
Curing the Slice
Hit some shots from a sidehill lie, with the ball several inches above your feet. This can help you to produce a better swing plane and promotes an in-to-out swingpath. read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows
Choosing the right putter
Just like any other club in your bag, a putter also has a lie angle, and having the correct one is vital to playing successfully on the greens. Choose a lie angle that sets your eyes over the ball when read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows
Getting out of fairway bunkers
Since you can never ground a club in a bunker, it's a good idea to practice the technique you will use for this shot - and you do not even have to be in a bunker to do so. At the driving range, simply read more..
Courtesy: Chris Meadows