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The Reasons Behind Golf’s Immense Success in the Betting World

4moles Editorial
Posted by Admin 14 Jun 2024

When most people think of golf, they don’t put it on the same pedestal as football/soccer, cricket, or basketball. In other words, most people don’t see golf as a massive success, either as a watched sport or as a betting sport. However, this is a big mistake.


To be sure, golf is not as massive as the three aforementioned games. However, it is still extremely popular, enjoyed by millions around the world. Golf is also one of the most popular betting sports, with online sportsbooks especially covering the latest betting odds relating to golf.



Annually between 4 to 5 billion dollars go into golf betting



Golf’s Betting Popularity



Just how popular is golf? Well, according to the most recent research, between 4 and 5 billion dollars go into golf betting. For comparisons, the NFL receives approximately 20 billion dollars in handle, which means golf is one fourths as popular to wager on as American football in the United States of America alone. That is certainly impressive.


The huge popularity of golf has certainly gotten online bookies to pay close attention to the sport. Many of them have come up with some of the best golf odds on the market. However, none of this explains why golf is as popular as it is. Well, that is why we are here. In this article, we’d like to look at a couple of reasons for golf’s massive success.



Golf is an Easy Game



One pretty big reason for golf’s success is that golf is an easy game to get into. Physically, it isn’t very taxing. However, it still gives just enough exercise to keep the person participating healthy. In other words, golf is perfect for young people, as well as the elderly, and anything in between. This means that there are a lot of people who play golf, and are intimately familiar with the game.


The familiarity leads to a better understanding of the game, and therefore a better understanding of how the professional tournaments work. Certainly, a football player might have an easier time understanding NFL games than the average Joe, for example. The same is true for golf players. They can use their understanding to make more informed and intelligent wagers.



Golf is All Year Round



Like tennis, golf is a year-round sport. Unlike football, soccer, rugby, or basketball, for example, which are seasonal sports, a golf tournament is happening at any point during the year. That means that the betting pool is never dry. Fans of golf can wager just as frequently in the Fall, as in the Spring, Summer, or Winter. In other words, golf betting is a lot more available.  


Obviously, this availability, makes golf a lot more popular than some other sports that may be more successful outside of betting. For example, though volleyball is generally more popular in terms of fans, a lot more money goes into golf betting, than volleyball betting. The reason is that volleyball is seasonal, and therefore, fans and bettors have a limited time to place their wagers on the sport.



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