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Posted by Admin 01 May 2020

Guidelines for Golfers:


Compulsory face mask 

Mask is mandatory to wear while going out to play golf. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask around others, particularly when you are in close quarters on the tee and around the green. This is also to protect you from touching your own face with possible infected hands.


Pocket-size hand sanitizer

While playing golf, there are chances that you will unknowingly touch something with the infection. That’s why you always need to keep sanitizer with you and use it frequently. You should also regularly sanitize your golf equipment, such as a ball, Ball Marker, gloves, and golf grip/club. Carry an extra hand towel as well. 


Golf trolley 

As much as we all would like to support our caddies, it is recommended that you take a caddy as a “Fore Caddy” to spot and find your ball. Keep your own “golf Bag Trolley” and try to push the same as much as possible. You would need a 3/ 4 wheel trolley.


One golfer per cart 

Golfers must ride in a golf cart alone or walk the course to maintain the social distancing standards. However, it is recommended that you refrain from using the Golf cart.


Leave the green flag in the hole “At all times"

The flagstick serves an important purpose in the game of golf. Let the green flag be in “At All Times”. 


Do not Smoke and spit on the course

Take more precautions for your sake and others as well and avoid smoking and spitting in the course. To smoke, you would need to remove your mask and the cigarette bugs could be contaminated. 


Book your game and time slot in advance

Golf courses will have limited slots now. Tee1 and Tee 10 should not have more than 1 fourball. Please book your teetime slot through golf course website and pay in advance for confirmation. Only reach the course with confirmed booking email or coupon.


Caddy tips to be made through mobile/digital

Please reduce Cash transactions. Try and tip the carries through “digital Payment” transfers.  



Guideline Golf Course


Sanitizer gate for all golfers, Caddies, and employees

Sanitizer gate ensures maximum target coverage with the minimum shadow area of an individual. They may be installed at the entry point for all the golfers, caddies, and employees.


Starters to have digital thermometers and test every person

A digital "smart" thermometer can enable courses to take temperature analysis/data of every person. 


All starters and employees to have face masks and gloves

A face mask can stop 99 percent of droplets of saliva emitted when we speak, sneeze, or cough. All employees of the courses must wear masks and gloves to ensure the safety of all.


Sanitizer and tissues at the “Ball washer” points.

Golf Courses will keep sanitizer and tissues at Ball washer point so that everyone can use sanitizer right after the ball is washed.


Sanitizers at the “Midway snack Huts”

Sanitizers may be placed at snack huts and the snacks could be on self-service counters.


One golfer per cart

To follow the social distancing protocols, Golf courses must follow the “One cart, one golfer” policy. Golf carts will be sanitized after each use by the golf courses.


Caddy to wear gloves and mask 

All caddies must wear gloves and masks for his/her own protection. The gloves could be disposed after a day’s round.


Restaurant and Bar to remain closed

Restaurants and bars will remain closed as it is difficult to maintain social distancing and hygiene standards around food and drinks. 


Locker rooms to remain closed.

It is recommended to keep the Locker rooms closed. Any possibility of shared towels, hand towels, combs etc. is strictly not recommended.


Bunker rakes to be removed. The golfers to rake themselves

All rakes may be removed from bunkers. The golfers may smoothen the bunker with their feet or their club as best they can. You may open a local rule of “Closest point of Relief” within the bunker.


"Given Circle" around the Cup.

Make the 1 feet “Given Circle” around the hole. Avoid golfers from putting their hands into the hole to grab their golf ball.


Smoking and spitting are prohibited on the golf course.

Courses must take action to prohibited smoking and spitting inside the golf courses. Smoke buds and Spit could be contaminated. 


All bookings to be made in advance and online

The Golf courses would now need to “limit and manage the Golf Course Inventory” and capacity. “Social Distancing” would now require to specify the maximum golfers/ day and spread the slots across the day. They would also need to know the details of the golfers and what time did they play and with whom. This would need “Teetime Inventory management and booking systems”. 

All members and “pay-Play golfers should book and pay in advance. 


Tee off groups at 10 mins+ gap

The gap between each fourball cannot be less than 10 minutes. All tee shots should be predefined and slots should be divided across the day to spread the flow of the golfers. This would also need “Teetime inventory management Technologies”. 


NO walk-in golfers. All Green fee payments to be online 

Golf courses should stop all walk-in golfers. The booking and payments should be made online for maximum golfer details and data. This would help Golf courses to know their golfers and reduce all-cash transactions as well. 






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