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U.S Open 2021: A Deeper Dive at Torrey Pines

Posted by Admin 16 Jun 2021

Written by: Manvi Singh


The U.S. Open is just a day away yet the highlight isn’t the players, rather it’s the green lush vibrance of Torrey Pines and everything it brings along to the third golf major of the year. 



Torrey Pines Golf Course is once again set to host the coastline cliffs of California, the North and South Course and the U.S Open for the year. After the 2008 Tiger Woods win, this is the second time when the course is open for the toughest major of the year. The United States Golf Association’s senior director insights, “We’re going to let Torrey be Torrey for the goal is to have them (players) get every club in their bag dirty.”


WATCH: US Open at Torrey - A Trip Down Memory Lane


With the third time host to a major championship and a home for Farmers Insurance Open in the West Course swing since 1968, it will be transformed into a wonder from January to June on the fringes of added length, firmer turf, stouter rough combined with a meteorological difference around the months. The redesign by Rees Jones in 2001 for the South Course was still a lot further in history from the times when the site was an army camp which later transformed into a racecourse until the final wonders of Torrey today. 



Priding itself in being the toughest major for the year, the U.S. Open is playing the course of an annually aligned PGA Tour course and yet, there’s nothing same about Torrey for June 2021. 


The Tee Tale

For the U.S major, the Torrey Pines has been challenged at the 15th hole with an addition of 33 yards which makes it to be 150 yards longer from the PGA tour course as recently as 2000. 


The Secretive Fairway

The U.S. Open fairways at Torrey Pines will not grow narrower than before, rather in some cases, they may alter into wider stretches than before because myths of amicable wonders of the June course will just grow tougher as the month will effectively play the same widths narrower. 


Growing Tee to Green

The Kikuyu grass in the summers of California is a lot tougher and denser than the usual Ryegrass hosted in January. This change will only make the players merely hit the green aggressively but due to the reduced spin and decelerating clubs of the Kikuyu, the players won’t hold distance control to great lengths. The only take for a better edge over the course will be playing steeper swing and a higher lofted club, though it will too make the holes play longer than the listed yardage. Torrey’s green is also known for almost always slope from back to front which is yet another challenge to bear. 



As the course is named after a rare tree of the San Diego coastline, Torrey Pine, the magnificence of the course cannot be ignored specifically with the breathtaking views it chooses to offer. Surprisingly enough, the U.S. Open is leaving no stone unturned in stupefying the players with the hole locations for the game too because after all, the prestigious image of being the toughest out there comes with a lot of effort in standing out of the ordinary. Hence, bringing in four days of fun at the very own and very distinctive Torrey Pines. 


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