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Monish Bindra

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Monish Bindra New Delhi, India


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About Me

From being a professional golfer to growing to be a Category A golf coach, it has been a journey I'd choose to not change for a minute.

With a flamboyance of 41 years of playing golf, I first picked the golf club when I was merely 7-8 years old as I visited the golf course on the perk of being an army brat. As I picked the game at Lucknow back in 1978-79, there was somehow no coming back even though the young heart had a taste of all sports. Though I was an avid shooter at the national level, yet golf was always there as I grew a serious stance in 1993-94 for the game. 

Turning into a professional golfer in 1997, I was awarded as the Rookie of the Year in 1998 making it to be a stepping stone in the world of golf. A few coaching stints with overseas coaches only made my experience grow a better golfer. With a decade at the pro-tour, winning a few pro-Am titles and a bundle of top-10 finishes, I was yet not convinced with simply being a golfer and that’s when I chose to have a slow transition towards golf coaching. 

Choosing to help out at the home club, I eventually built my way in as a certified golf coach with the National Golf Academy of India in 2007. Few years down the line, I turned to be a Category A instructor at NGAI and is currently working as a faculty with the same. 

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Other Information

  • Date Of Birth: October 01, 1971

  • Playing Since: October, 1997

  • Language Known: English Hindi


Professional Details

  • CompanyIGPN | New Delhi,India
  • DesignationDirector of Golf | Since-2020-06-01

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