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Aadil Bedi

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Aadil Bedi Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh Golf Club

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About Me

I am Aadil Bedi, a 20-year-old professional golfer who chose to turn to golf ever since I was 4. I have always been passionate about sports and have been a part of gameplay since a very young age. It was only after I turned 13 that I stuck onto golf as an individual sport of interest and by the time I turned 17 years of age, my decision was not limited to whether I go to college or not, it was rather more on the lines of if I should turn into a professional golfer or not. I started off as an amateur pretty young too and won my first event when I was 15 years old and believe since then, there was no looking back. 

As your parents are government officials from Punjab, how do you believe they've contributed to what you are today?

I believe I owe everything to them. It's rather very tough for a government bureaucrat to support an athlete, specifically a golfers career. The touring itself comes bearing hefty expenses, while I agree that golfing has witnessed a cheaper stake in the past years, as it has grown accessible in the Indian mainland, yet when I started off playing, even getting my first set was a task. I still remember how we had to order it through someone and get it through someone else. It was difficult specifically the financial aspect of it, as their salary wasn't enough to cover the expenses of my golfing endeavour. At times, they borrowed money and even sold some of their ancestral lands, hence while it's not easy, I duly appreciate everything they've done for me. 

Who's your inspiration? In what ways does this person inspire you?

I believe one can seek inspiration from everyone they meet in their lives. It's not necessary to draw motivation only from people who have achieved a lot in their lives. For example, I have recently experienced an injury in my wrist due to which I haven't been playing since the past month, yet I still visit the club and watch little kids playing and I feel inspired by the content they hold in the simple joy of playing the sport. But if it has to come down to name a few, then firstly it'd be my dad who has been with me through every step of the way, along with my coaches, and Jeev Milkha Singh Sir and Shubhankar Sharma who have inspired me guided me and helped me especially in the crucial stages of turning professional, as one really needs to make the right decisions when it comes to which events to play and which events to leave by. From my coaches to doctors and my caddie, I really look up to each one of them as they contribute to my growth. 

As you've been playing since such a young age, that too various sports, what made you pick up golf?

The reason I started golf was that I was big into cricket. My dad played cricket up till the states, as well as my friends, were into the game too. I grew up in a cricket dominated environment earlier, and I love to bat. While we used to live in Patiala, we had a huge playground behind our house and I used to wait for 2.5 hours approximately to bat for 10 minutes as I was the youngest one and always used to get to bat in the last. While patience is good, I wasn't really good at it, which is why when I first visited a golf course, it was a dream come true as I could rather bat all day there. Plus, I chose the sport because while playing onto the various school teams of various sports, be it cricket, football or anything else, I grew to be pretty good at them and the chase got over pretty early while golf was something that requires a lot of work and commitment to itself and hence, the challenge made me choose the path to golf. 

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Other Information

  • Date Of Birth: February 17, 2001

  • Playing Since: August, 2018

  • Language Known: Hindi English


  • Bengal Open Golf Championship - 1st - 2020
  • Tata Steel PGTI Players Championship presented by Chandigarh Golf Club - 10th - 2020
  • Tata Steel Tour Championship - 10th - 2020
  • Delhi-NCR Open Golf Championship - 6th - 2019
  • Tata Steel PGTI Players Championship presented by Chandigarh Golf Club - 8th - 2019
  • Classic Golf & Country Club International Championship (PGTI-Asian Tour Joint Sanctioned) - 4th - 2019
  • Jeev Milkha Singh Invitational presented by TAKE - 5th - 2019
  • Tata Steel Tour Championship - 9th - 2019
  • Bengaluru Open Golf Championship - 3rd - 2018

Professional Details

  • CompanyChandigarh Golf Club | Chandigarh,India
  • DesignationGolfer

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