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Zara Anand

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Zara Anand , India

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About Me

About me: A young Golfer who has won over 100 trophies in various local tour events in India.

Why Golf and not any other sport: Golf was a natural choice of sport as it's played and enjoyed by my entire family including my grandfather, who also introduced me to this sport. I was very fortunate that my induction to golf at the age of 4 years was done in a fun way by my coach Amit Dube which ingrained me with the love for this game.

Interesting Moment: While playing a tournament, I thought I had hit my shot over the green which was elevated. We searched for the ball around the green and in the OB area only to later find the ball in the hole and it was my first hole-in one.

What would you like to change about Golf: I would like all players alike to be more conscious of the pace of play while playing at any level as it speeds up the game and allows all golfers to enjoy this game equally by reducing the wait time.

My dream 4-ball: I would love to have Tiger Woods for his commanding presence, Tommy Fleetwood for his calm & easy demeanour & Dustin Johnson for his great distance and ball striking.

Challenges of a Junior Golfer: Managing time to ensure every minute of the day is well spent in improving what we do both in sports and in academics.

My aim in life: I would love to be a great athlete and play the LPGA tour once I grow up and win as many tournaments as I can and be rated as the best putter in the world. I would like also to give back to society through this great game and to make a difference in other people's life. I also ran a small fundraising golf tournament in 2017 to support the upliftment of the girl child in our country as part of giving back to our society. 

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  • Date Of Birth: July 30, 2008

  • Playing Since: February, 2013

  • Language Known: English


  • Finished in Top 30 at US Kids World Championship at Pinehurst in 20172017
  • 4th Runners Up in European Championship 2017 held in Scotland, UK2017
  • 3rd Runners Up in Malaysia World Championships, 20192019
  • 2nd Runners Up in European Championship 2018 held in Scotland, UK2018
  • Winner Florida State Invitational Championship at Orlando, Florida 2019
  • Winner Albatross International 2019 Championship2019

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