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Jay Pandya

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Jay Pandya , India

Amateur Golfer

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About Me

About me: I am an inquisitive learner who loves to embrace challenges, both in my life and Golf. For me, challenges are the barriers to the betterment, and who doesn't want to get better? Oh, and I love working out too!

What Inspired you to play golf: My Dad played a big role in making me pick up the sport. He used to watch it on TV and preach about it, I started understanding what the game was like and before I could even fathom it, I was in love with every aspect of it. However, the times were testing, I had to wait for a few years till I could pick up a Golf club i.e. 2009 when a golf course opened in my hometown Rajkot. 

Why Golf and not any other sport: Why not! this game has such scenic and admirable layouts and you can play till your body allows you to. 

Your golfing achievement: Climbing the order of merit to the number one spot. Recently winning my first event as an amateur on the IGU national amateur tour with two 64s, a hole in one and my lowest nine-hole score of 27. Crazy week right?

Interesting/ Funny Moment: I got to the tee about five minutes late even after getting to the club two hours before my tee time. While waiting for my tee time on the putting green I remember repetitively asking my caddie for the time and when I found out that it was already past my tee time was a total shocker. We later found out that my caddie's watch was running 12 minutes behind time.

What would you like to change about Golf: Nothing about the game, but I would definitely want to change the way most people see the game, they do not understand and appreciate the athleticism required in order to play quality golf. I'd also like it to be more accessible to a larger multitude.

Ultimate goal in the sport:  There are no limits to mastery in this game. I wish to keep pushing my limits and keep getting better. I think if I become the best possible player I can be, it will be as good as anyone out there. Winning majors is one part of that goal. 

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  • Date Of Birth: January 19, 1999

  • Playing Since: June, 2009

  • Language Known: English


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