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Ankur Chadha

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Ankur Chadha , India

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About Me

About me: A 24-year-old professional golfer who dreams and aspires to play on the PGA tour. I was born and brought up in Delhi. I did my high school from Vasant Valley and my undergrad from IILM business school. Living walking distance from the Army Golf Course where I could watch ducks and rabbits, while my dad played, was how I was introduced to the sport.


My Golf inspiration: Tiger Woods - the way he dominated the sport when he was at his peak was phenomenal.


Why Golf and not any other sport: Well firstly as I mentioned I lived walking distance from the golf course and second the Army Golf course had the best chicken sandwiches at the time which was the added motivation to impress my dad at the driving range who would later treat me to those delicious sandwiches and a Coke. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the sport.


Golf achievement: Being ranked the number one junior (U - 15 ) in the country.


Most embarrassing Golf moment: I don’t know about funny but this rather embarrassing moment always stands out. I was being covered by a local news channel when I was a junior. The cameraman/ anchor wanted to get a video of me hitting a golf ball. I shanked the ball on that particular swing and almost hit the cameraman in the head. The expression on the guy's face was priceless - he couldn’t come to terms as to why he was asked to interview me.


What would I like to change about Golf: Definitely make it faster and experiment with newer and fun formats like the super sixes and mixed match plays!


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  • Date Of Birth: September 09, 1994

  • Playing Since: July, 2004

  • Language Known: English


  • Being ranked the number one junior (U - 15 ) in the country

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