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Kushal Singh

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Kushal Singh , India

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About Me

About  Me: A 24-year-old Golfer who has a deep passion for the game. I have always been into sports since my childhood. I was hooked on to golf when I was 12 to 13 Years old.  It was not very well known in India at that time but there was something about the game that made me learn more and there has been no looking back after that.


What inspired me to take golf:  The fact that golf is a game that has no age barrier whether you are 6 or 60 years old you can play this sport. The game is just not about physical fitness it equally about mental strength. It’s a game that takes years and years to master.


Why Golf and not any other sports: Golf was not the first sports I started out with, I played cricket also did swimming.  However I played golf the first time I was in Bangkok with my father and his Japanese boss, it is well-known sports in Japan and he insisted I should try a game. The perfect contact of the golf ball and swing was the moment I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Golf is a game of patience, determination and grit, you may be doing well one day and the second day could be at your worse.  It is a game where you are your biggest competitor.


Golfing achievement: IGU Junior golf course- 2nd in Panchkula Golf club .

Winner Albatross – 2010

US Kids world golf championship (2nd place) -  2012

PGTI – 3rd on Feeder tour in Madhuban  Medow s golf club

Participated in Asian development tour (ADT) and Take solution Masters 2018 (Asian Tour)


Interesting/ funny moment: Having met Vijay Singh when I just started playing golf, that was one inspiring moment and it is still so fresh in my mind.


What would you like to change about Golf:  I wish this game was a little less expensive so that we could have the younger generation taking up this sport.  Also, I would wish there were more golf ranges and more awareness for sports. We have so much talent but we need more awareness.

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  • Date Of Birth: September 29, 1994

  • Playing Since: July, 2006

  • Language Known: English


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