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Zubin Nijhawan

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Zubin Nijhawan , India

Professional Golfer

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About Me

About me: A pro Golfer from the magnificent of Chandigarh who loves the rush that Golf provides. A regular guy with not so regular habits but passionate about golfing.

Was forced into finishing college though I had an excuse that I want to play golf professionally, but did manage to ace the Economics Honours programme. When I am not Golfing, I love going through a juicy book or spending a few hours in penning down my thoughts. I am not that picky, I adapt to every situation. I just want to use my time to the utmost and achieve a few things that come.


What inspired me to play Golf: Nothing really inspired me, I just went to Golf because I could skip school but then suddenly I was all alone playing. It got boring in between and I left the sport. But while I was roaming about outside I missed the rush- The rush that you get standing on the first tee be it in a tournament or even a couple of your friends watching you. I missed competing and everything about the game. Deep down I wanted to get back. Nobody inspired me ,I just wanted to play .


Golf chose me: My grandfather use to go every weekend to the golf course, I would just tag along to kill some time. But at home, I was surrounded by golf, golf equipment, golf talk and more. Actually my grandfather had two wives, the second was his golf kit . So golf chose me , because along the way a lot my friends I knew started but somehow didn’t continue but with me somehow I was just made to go on .

Also, given a choice I would try my hand at formula 1 .




Golfing achievements: Well apart from the usual having good finishes on the junior and the amateur circuit and now a slow transition into the professional circuit. The biggest achievement for me would be -I started of playing golf as a leftie, played leftie for 4 years, playing the Junior Circuit had a few decent finishes ,I made a decision to switch into a right handed player. I would blame it on my granddad, he told me you can have my brand new Taylor made golf set, if you turn righty.  Well I took an year off and switched to become a right handed Golfer. My game if not better is definitely at par both sides.




Funny Golf moment: I have a few ,but I remember this one moment I was playing this amateur match in Kolkata and at that time I use to steal a smoke or two on the course.  My strategy used to be- take all the stress focusing 17 holes and then I would light up a smoke on the 18 hole


So I hit it down the middle ,hit my second shot lil short of the green ,so now in my mind phew I should light one ,


So I light one ,took a few puffs ,suddenly got this blood rush ,having felt so weak on my knees ,go up to my chip (easiest chip you can ever get),I duff it just two steps go for it again ,a second duff. Took me some time to reach the green. An embarrassing moment with a good laugh in the end .

I didn’t light it up after that (on the course ).



One thing I would like to change about Golf: The technology is advancing way faster than expected, now the courses cannot be altered ,because where will the increasing population go ,I think a time would come where you would not need 15 clubs cause the drivers go so long ,so yeah it could slow down a bit .And the use of feel is fading ,more emphasis on technique ,being perfect too perfect ,I feel striking a balance is gone .

The Buddha took it with him.


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  • Date Of Birth: March 20, 1992

  • Playing Since: September, 2009

  • Language Known: English


  • Two Top 10 finishes2019

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