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From Cricket to Golf: Sachin and Yuvraj links up at a Golf Course

Posted by Admin 12 Feb 2021

Written By: Radha Seth 


After setting a benchmark throughout the cricket world and taking a prosperous retiral, former International Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been seen bonding with Yuvraj Singh at a Golf Course. Their frequent posts on social media reflect that the duo enjoys bonding over a game of golf.


Sachin and Viraj posing together at a golf course


"From cricket to golf, we’ve traveled quite a few yards, Yuvi," Tendulkar wrote on his Instagram post.


While Sachin donned a blue striped polo T-shirt, Yuvraj opted for a black polo tee. They also wore caps and sunshades to quirk up their sporty looks. In addition to being great friends off the field, Sachin and Yuvraj often meet each other occasionally. Their light-hearted digs and meets are evident from their frequent postings over their Instagram Handles. 


A few weeks back former cricketer, Yuvraj had posted a video of him posing on a green fairway of a golf course. He was enthusiastically posing with his golf club, while he prepares to roll the ball over the green. 


"Life doesn’t stop! You’ve got to keep moving forward from 22 yards to 18 holes,” Yuvraj had captioned the video.


Their frequent meets on the golf course set forth their bonding to the next level. Tendulkar retired from cricket in 2013 after serving the Indian Cricket Team for 25 years, while Yuvraj called it a day in 2019 during the World Cup in England. Together, the duo has been involved in many memorable partnerships, be it on a golf course or a cricket ground.




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