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Will quit Golf if not allowed to practice in Delhi Golf Club: Pro Golfer Rashid Khan

Posted by Admin 27 May 2019

Golf in India has once again found itself in the rough as the issue of ‘accessibility’ in Golf clubs has reared its ugly head again. This time Professional Golfer Rashid Khan and nine others find themselves in the middle of a fresh controversy.



rashid khan



The two-time Asian champion, who is currently ranked No. 1 on the PGTI Players’ Championship, along with seven professional and two amateur golfers were taken to the Tughlaq Road police station after they complained of the DGC staff not allowing them to enter the premises for practice despite paying the stipulated fee.


He also said that he is ready to give up his Olympic dream and quit the sport if he is not allowed to practice at the Delhi Golf Club.



The tussle between Rashid and the DGC goes back a long time over the latter’s refusal to allow him to practice at the iconic 18-hole course. He said the DGC has gone against a Supreme Court ruling that allows them to use the course for practice.


rahid khan


In 2012, he had said the DGC stopped allowing caddie-turned-players from practising at the course, one of India’s most iconic clubs, which is located at the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi.


On Sunday, Rashid also tweeted, “No win is easy and without practice even more difficult. I was in police station from 15.00 to 18.30 hours, just because I was willing to pay green fees and practice at Delhi golf club. Don’t know who to blame? My voice is getting muted and others who are the elite are taking the benefits.”


On Saturday, he had written on his twitter handle, “Arrested for calling the police to help us but we only got arrested at 3pm 25/05/2019 this what happens when you try to take help from our law it goes against you only # Olympic will be dream for me now.”


The overarching question: Isn’t the Indian Golf terrain a classic example of a sector that has tremendous potential in galloping forward, but one that has been affected by ‘the CLUB Membership' concept which limits the spirit and the growth of the game?


We look forward to getting your views on this topic.





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