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Bryson DeChambeau on fire, Wins Arnold Palmer Invitational 2021 at Bay Hill Club, Florida

Posted by Admin 08 Mar 2021

Written By: Radha Seth


27-year old, American golfer, Bryson DeChambeau lifted his eighth PGA Tour title at the verdant greens of Bay Hill Club, Florida. By marking his victory at this tournament he has become the first American Golfer to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational since 2015 when Matt Every had made the win. 


Bryson at 'Arnold Palmer Invitational 2021'


Furthermore, his triumph at the Arnold Palmer has also made him the first player to win multiple titles during the 2020-2021 season. Bryson left his fans awe-inspired, with an outrageous drive by making the event even sweeter with an early triumph of his million-dollar swing that went a distance of 370 yards. That wasn’t a run-of-the-mill drive from the tee, since it is something that only a few golfers can pull off in the right way.


Bryson looked dapper in his tam o'shanter cap and red cardigan sweater that goes to the winner.


"I think this red cardigan is not only for Mr. Palmer, but I would say it's a little bit for Tiger, as well, knowing what place he's in right now," DeChambeau said.


DeChambeau capped off with a 71, reaching the low score of the final round in which other players broke the score of 70 this Sunday on the greens of Bay Hill Club for the first time since 1980.


Lee Westwood was also striving to get the ball rolling. Although, DeChambeau’s ballistic shot over the watery graves on the 565-yard sixth hole was 168 yards beyond Lee Westwood’s shot. Their second shots were 6 feet apart while both made a birdie. Westwood was suspecting a game of inches, thus he got off the lead with an unfortunate three-putt bogey from 40 feet on the 14th. His bland set of shots made DeChambeau surge his rank on the leaderboard. 


"I felt like a kid again, for sure. It was exciting," DeChambeau said. "Especially when you pull it off. It was almost like winning a tournament. I got the same chills and feeling when I saw it clear and there was no splash. I gave the fans what they wanted.’’ (Source: Sky Sports)


Thus, by marking a wire-to-wire triumph at the Arnold Palmer,  Bryson has become the star of this blockbuster event on par-5 6th at Bay Hill in the Arnold Palmer Invitational 2021. 


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