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Meet 10-year-old Golf prodigy Prarthana who’s serenading the world with her golfing skills

Posted by Admin 24 May 2019

Real talent shines through regardless of how many others there are around you. Meet one of the real-life examples of such real talent- 10-year-old Prarthana Khanna, who’s serenading the world with her tremendous Golfing abilities. Recently, the wonder kid played four tournaments at the US Kids Junior Golf Tour in India and effortlessly clinched medals in all the four matches. She was also conferred with the ‘Star Recognition’ Award.



Prarthana Khanna golfer



The young gun also garnered lots of accolades by bagging the True Visions Junior Golf Championship Team award that was held in Pattaya, Thailand recently. She was the only Indian in category D girls to be a part of the Championship flight. Interestingly, she had many birdies accompanied by an eagle in the last 3 rounds she played. She also missed a hole-in-one by just a millimetre.



Golf coach Pritam Saikia is all praise for the young talent.  Says he, “A calm, hard-working and a very competitive player. She’s oblivious to her competition and only focuses on her game and has fun on the golf course. A plan was put about a couple of years back and she’s on track primarily because of her family’s support and her will power. Her father’s role has been important as he gives her a fine balance of freedom and proper structure for her to excel. She will definitely scale new heights.”



A National Level shooter too    






Some athletes out there are just so gifted, and possess such awesome natural ability, that their talent overflows out of one sport and into another. Not many know but Prarthana enjoys a multitude of talent too. She’s also actively pursuing Air Pistol Shooting and became one of the youngest renowned Shooters –i.e- A National level Shooter, after qualifying at the 62nd National Shooting Championship held at Kerala. A sports enthusiast, she also enjoys playing soccer on weekends.




Talking about her ultimate aim in life, she enthuses, “My ultimate aim is to turn professional and play on the LPGA and Ladies European Tour in the coming years. I would also like to contribute to the growth of the sport in India, given the opportunity.”




So, will Prarthana be the next female superstar of Golf soon? We'll surely find out in the next few years. But as someone who has been involved in this and other sports at a high level for many years, we can say unequivocally vouch that Prarthana, her parents, and her coaches are doing all the right things to help her realize her dreams.


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    vivek about 1 year

    Our little lady champion ! Proud of her ! God bless !

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