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PGA Show 2024 Introduces Game-Changing Golf Products

Posted by Admin 01 Feb 2024

The 71st PGA Show just ended in Orlando, and it was a big hit! More than 31,000 people who work in the golf industry came from all over the world to see the latest and greatest golf stuff. There were lots of cool things to check out, like new golf clubs and gadgets that can help you play better.



No matter what problem you have with your golf game, there's probably something at the PGA Show that can help you play better and get lower scores. But with so many things to see, it can be overwhelming, especially if you're really into golf. The convention center in Orlando was packed with booths showing off all the new stuff, from fancy clubs to high-tech training tools. It can be hard to figure out what's best for you with so many options to choose from. Here are some Top Picks from the PGA Show Floor:


1. Sure-Golf’s Tour-Feel: Train for more width


Sure-Golf's Tour-Feel designed to enhance swing width, this innovative training aid provides a tactile sensation that encourages golfers to maintain proper arm extension throughout their swing, resulting in more powerful and consistent shots.



If you tend to lose width at the top of your swing (left), the Tour-Feel will help you keep your lead arm straight throughout the swing (right).



2. The Power Shift board: A clever recentering aid


The Power Shift board addressing the crucial aspect of weight transfer in the golf swing, this training device offers real-time audio feedback to help golfers develop a more efficient weight shift from their trail leg to their lead leg, promoting better balance and stability.



Beginners wait too long to move their weight, which makes it harder to shift their body forward at the right time.



3. The PUR Truth Trainer: Groove a precise putting setup


Combining mirrors, mats, and gates, the PUR truth trainer comprehensive putting practice system assists golfers in refining their setup and stroke mechanics, with built-in features such as levelers to ensure proper alignment and consistency.



The PUR Truth Trainer



4. The Swing Plate: Swing in the right direction


The Swing Plate, a versatile tool for improving swing path, this heavy-duty plate accommodates multiple alignment sticks at customizable angles, allowing golfers to correct swing faults and optimize their ball-striking efficiency.



Low tech, but a simple solution for your swing path issues




5. BRK70: Measure the greens


This innovative product utilizes specialized soles with embedded chips to accurately measure green slopes and distances, providing invaluable insights for better course management and shot selection.


BRK70 will launch later this year



6. Katalyst: A more efficient workout


The company uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (or EMS) via a small suit that golfers wear as they work out. This fitness technology offers solutions for targeted muscle activation during workouts, resulting in improved strength, endurance, and overall performance on the golf course.



Katalyst's new golf workouts improve accuracy by 4% and speed by at least 5 mph



7. Uneekor and XViewGolf Swing Analyzers: Swing analyzers Uneekor


Powered by artificial intelligence, these advanced swing analysis systems offer personalized feedback and insights to help golfers identify and correct swing flaws, leading to more consistent and efficient ball striking.



The app uses AI to build specific golf swing models of players and compares data side by side for improvement



8. Arccos Link Pro: Seamless stat tracking


Arccos announced its new product: Arccos Link Pro. Whereas previously most Arccos users could choose to track their stats by either keeping their iPhone in their pocket, attaching the tracker to their belt, or wearing an Apple Watch, the Link Pro is a lightweight device about the size of a matchbox which golfers can slip into their pocket. That's where it'll begin tracking your staats, without you even noticing.



9. Foresight's QuadMAX: A more convenient launch monitor


Foresight's QuadMAX enhanced user experience and offsite data storage capabilities, this next-generation launch monitor delivers accurate and actionable feedback to golfers seeking to fine-tune their swing mechanics and optimize their performance.


 A more convenient launch monitor



10. KJUS Apparel: Stay warm and cool


Utilizing cutting-edge materials such as microfibers and graphene, KJUS clothing offers unmatched comfort and performance, ensuring golfers stay warm in cool conditions and cool in hot weather, allowing them to focus on their game without distractions.


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