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Preventing Joint pain and muscle problems in Golfers: Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra, Sr. Orthopaedic Consultant

Posted by Admin 26 Apr 2021

Written By: Radha Seth in Consultation with Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra


A well-struck golf shot could be one of the best feelings for a golf enthusiast. Nothing could be as satisfying as the unparalleled experience of swimmingly swinging the club. Think of the pace at which the ball steadily rolls across the green and sinks into the cup. Such typical experiences can act as a stress-buster in a golf aficionado’s life. 



But at times this exceptional pleasure of golfing is hampered by some of the recurrent golf injuries. Swinging a club is more of a ballistic affair, especially when done in the wrong way. It involves a myriad of muscles and a series of motions. Thus, when a wrong course of action is followed, it could lead to serious joint and muscle issues, thereby making the golfer prone to injuries. 


Sr. Orthopaedic Consultant Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra


Sr. Orthopaedic Consultant Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra, quoted ‘’It is of more importance to know the dynamics of the injury rather than treating it using steroids or surgeries’’.


He also commented on the techniques which could be taken into consideration by the young people in the golf industry, so that they can avoid chronic joint problems in the long term. ‘’We cannot raise a tiger when our cubs are not reared properly’’ citing this he invoked the utmost gravity of educating the young golfers on how they can effortlessly swing across the greens, without causing much harm to the internal body muscles. Therefore, he has stressed over knowing and analyzing the problem rather than resorting to steroids or other surgical methods. 


In a zoom interview at,  Dr. Mishra discussed some of the preventive measures to avoid and cure joint problems by understanding the dynamics of an injury. Here are the answers to the unanswered questions about the prevention and treatment of golf injuries. 


What are the physical benefits of playing golf and how does it make a positive impact on a golfer’s Body?


Gone are the days when golf was customarily played by the well-heeled elite. Nowadays it’s not just limited to the business and elite class but also welcomes young and amateur golf enthusiasts from all walks of life. Thus, it proffers an opportunity to mingle and socialize with the golfers of every ilk thereby, helping to keep mental stress at bay.


Furthermore, it has a great impact on a person’s physique, since it involves movement and rotation of the muscles. Thus, during the course of time playing golf helps you build stability and consistency in the long term. 


As an orthopedic surgeon, what are some of the measures you would suggest to avoid injuries during an intensive round of golf?


According to Dr. Mishra, joint muscle injuries occur due to underlying issues that are constantly ignored by a golfer. Thus, it is of utmost importance to get into the crust of the matter and understand the reason behind the joint pain. ‘At times a golfer is way too enthusiastic to play the game, thus he tends to overlook any inflammation or joint pain. Such ignorance could lead to chronic joint and muscle problems thereby making the golfer prone to severe injuries. 


Since an elbow Joint is customarily used during the game of golf, what are some of the ways in which a player can avoid ‘Golfer’s elbow’ which is a recurrent golf injury?


Golfer’s elbow is a rare condition and only 2-3 % of golfers tend to face this problem. Thus, it’s unlikely for a golfer to have a golfer’s elbow. ‘’At times people confuse other joint problems with this condition. They don’t pay much heed to the affected area, thus they end up concluding that it could be Golfer’s elbow whenever they are not able to swing effectively’’.


These valuable insights from Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra would surely help you deal with various muscle problems while you hit the sprawling greens. Follow some of the tips given by him, it would help you deal with the potential muscle issues that you might face on the go.