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This 12-year-old small wonder scored 2 holes-in-one in a short span of time

Posted by Admin 02 Aug 2019

The aura this 12-year-old wonder kid radiates is more remarkable than the air of poise that she exudes. The way this child prodigy has achieved such brilliance so early is worthy of applause. Netra, who’s lighting up the way for other junior Golfers, scored 2 fantastic holes-in-one within a short span time much to her parents’ happiness and amazement.  Says proud father Sandeep Suri, “Both of them were at the Classic Golf Club. The first one was at hole no 5 when she was playing with me. The second one was at hole no 17 playing with two of her friends.”




Netra Suri Golfer




Not many know but the 12-year-old young talent is the winner at the 97th Albatross Junior Golf Tournament which was held at Jaypee Greens, Greater NOIDA. Netra was also the runner up at the North Zone IGU Junior Feeder Tour 2019 event held at AEPTA, Delhi.




Every father-daughter out there share a privileged bond, that no one can match up to. And this enviable bond became Netra’s catalyst of happiness and a solid reason to take a plunge into Golf. The proud father says, “She started Golf with the intention of spending quality time with me, also an avid golfer. Eventually, the magnificence of the sport won her over.”




Donning multiple hats








If you thought Netra can only putt away to glory, you are off the radar. She is a trained Kathak dancer and has also performed on stage.



A loving, determined, and spirited child, Netra is extrovert and can befriend people of all age groups.  At a time when kids are glued to smartphones and TVs, Netra comes as a whiff of fresh air. She loves the outdoors and would rather be in a park or on the course rather than a mall or playing games or watching TV. Armed with a great team spirit, leadership qualities and a drive to excel, Netra has been a go-getter and is all set to ride the crest of success with her golfing abilities.



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