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This 7-year-old wonder kid of Golf can hit 600 balls at the driving range in a day!

Posted by Admin 12 Jun 2019

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes irrespective of the age. And here’s this 7-year-old wonder kid of Golf who’s pushing the envelope like never before. Delhi kid Chaitanya Pandey garnered a lot of accolades when he went on to win the European-leg of the US Kids Golf Championship in Scotland.



Chaitanya Pandey golf prodigy



Not many know that the young gun who has racked up more 30 trophies in the last few months, can hit 500-600 balls at the driving range in a day! Now that’s incredible and shows that junior Golf in India is growing.


Chaitanya was the best in his group and finished with a two-shot triumph over South Africa’s Lee Foxcroft. The Golf prodigy is looking forward to making his mark at the US Kids Golf Championship in North Carolina, USA in August.



Won many cooking competitions too!



Chaitanya Pandey golf prodigy



If you thought Golf is his only forte, you are off the radar. The talented kid is armed with great culinary skills and has won a lot of cooking competitions. He’s an excellent orator, a great dancer and a great theatre artist. It’s indeed awe-inspiring to see a kid armed with a multitude of skills and talent. The young kid also feels that theirs is a lot of talent out there among his fraternity who can play a momentous role in helping Golf in India grow with leaps and bounds.



Played Tennis to enhance his Golf Swing!



Chaitanya pandey




The young Golfer, who studies in KR Mangalam World School, began his Golf stint when he was just 6 years old and he picked up the game brilliantly in a span of just two months. But not many know that he started playing Golf to enhance his Tennis swing.




Chaitanya shares gleefully, “I started playing Tennis at the age of 4 as my parents are Tennis enthusiasts. I still play Tennis with Team Tennis India at Siri Fort Sport Complex.  My tennis mentor Aditya Sachdeva suggested playing Golf too which would help me improve my tennis swing.  I developed an immediate liking for Golf and within 2 months of golf training, I started playing competitive tournaments.  I still play tennis but Golf is my passion now.”



He adds, “I am very grateful to my parents, school, Coach Romit Bose and my home club Delhi Golf Club for supporting and believing in me. Special thanks to DGC Captain and President Rohit Sabherwal and Maj. Ravinder Singh Bedi for giving me the opportunity to be part of of Delhi Golf Club “Strive for Excellence” Programme



The young boy has demonstrated through repeated, challenging and a complex environ, that he has the ability to thrive and shine in a space dominated by noted names.



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