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5 must-have golf Products to keep the summer heat at bay.

Posted by Admin 20 Apr 2021

Written By Radha Seth:


“Get ready with your ice buckets, umbrellas, and that pair of Black shades because the summer season is just around the corner.”


Since the summer season is marked by bright sunny days golfers tend to hit the greens more frequently. But, as the mercury rises and the temperature soars, it gets quite a task to tolerate the scorching summer heat. For keeping the heat waves at bay one can stay hydrated, wear breathable clothing and use dry-fit gloves to avoid getting drenched with gallons of sweat. 


This summer season 4moles brings to you the Exclusive Collection of High-End golf Products. Here is a list of 5 Must have Golf Products that would help you in bearing the summer wave.


PIN HIGH - T-shirts 



Made from handpicked fabric, Pin High offers the finest apparel in the golf industry. Its functional design and premium fabric make their T-shirts ideal for unbearable weather conditions. To help you escape the summer heat, Pin high aesthetically curates breathable t-shirts that come with an exclusive functionality of Odor control and superior moisture management. Thus, these T-shirts could make a perfect outfit for your game this summer. 




  • Made from high-end breathable fabric
  • Offers moisture management 
  • Protects from UV Exposure
  • Anti-Pill Fabric 


Pin High Polo Shirt- Ethan Ice Green & Yosemite Blue 

Pin High Polo Shirt- Ethan White & Blue Solar

Pin High Polo Shirt- Ethan Spicy Orange & Navy Seal

Pin High Polo Shirt- Garreth Light Orange & Dark Slate


PIN HIGH - Shorts (Breathable and UV Protection)



Pin High Golf shorts are made from premium quality fabric that offers functional moisture management, thereby preventing you from getting drenched with sweat. It’s a blend of modern design which features a flexible cloth material. Thus, these high-quality Golf Shorts can make it feasible to twist the waist along with the swing.




  • A perfect blend of modern design
  • Moisture Management System
  • Free wrinkle fabric
  • Breathable


Pin High Active Trendy Shorts Black

Pin High Active Trendy Shorts Forest Gray

Pin High Active Trendy Shorts Dephne



4moles- Double Canopy Golf Umbrella



When the weather gets sweltering hot, it gets quite tedious to hit the greens. In order to escape this unbearable weather condition staying hydrated and using sunscreen could help to some extent. But when the sun is directly above you, it gets a little difficult to beat the heat. 


4moles pro shop features an exclusive 64-inch double canopy umbrella, that lets you relax and unwind in between your game. It is made from 100% Nylon which makes it last longer, also it is UV proof, windproof, and rainproof which makes it handy for all weather conditions.  




  • 64-inch double canopy 
  • 100% Nylon Fabric
  • Strong UV proof, windproof & rainproof
  • EVA Handle with Auto open button
  • Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

Double Canopy Golf Umbrella



HIRZL - Gloves  



Hirzl Golf Gloves features white digital synthetic leather and a breathable Airtech mesh that prevents sweat. Also, Kangaroo leather patches are ergonomically placed in the palm area of the hand. Its fine material and ultimate grip make it a perfect fit for those who prefer to hit the greens during hot and humid weather.




  • Washable Material
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Breathable Airtech mesh
  • Prevents sweat


Hirzl Golf gloves - SOFFFT Flex

Hirzl Golf Gloves - CHALLENGER #1


4moles Golf Caps 



4moles dry fit golf caps feature a breathable fabric, that controls the moisture and lets you have a sweat-free day. These caps are made of high-end wrinkle-free fabric and are available in 3 different shades (White/Orange/Navy Blue).




  • Dry fit 
  • Made of 96% Polyester with 4% Spandex
  • Colors Available: White/Orange/Navy Blue


4moles Golf Cap

4moles Junior Cap