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Thailand comes out with flying colors amid coronavirus threats

Posted by Admin 12 Feb 2020

Finally, Thailand got clean chit and sees apparent success over Corona Virus. Golfers who have been planning to visit Thailand this year should take a look at these useful statistics.

According to the several reports, media reports The Asia Golf Championship, Pattaya Open, and Hua Hin Skins golf tournaments are going ahead as planned. 85% of golfers have started gearing up themselves for golf holiday of February and March as planned. Most airlines have announced fee waivers for flight changes and refunds for flights to China and Hong Kong.

On the other hand, travel service providers are also offering discounts on general cancellation rates, a special team has been appointed to assist the golfers to reschedule or change their travel plans on a case-by-case basis as per their choices. 

Also, the health minister of Thailand has stressed the importance of strict hygiene measures at government places and when taking public transportation, including buses, trains, and ferries.  Commercial and tourist facilities are open without any restrictions. Hand disinfection and face masks are available in crowded places like airports and shopping malls. 

All golf courses and hotels are open as usual. All the highlights are indicating, maybe these time golfers can enjoy little extra discounted prices for golfing in Thailand.  


Golfing Thailand


Thailand has always been a travellers’ first choice for its beautiful tropical climate, idyllic seashores and the reasonable cost offerings to enjoy them. Whether you are planning for the long haul or short haul getaways, golf breaks in Thailand will always add some extra sugar in your vacation. 

It very hard to explain the versatility of Thailand. It’s a jam-packed metropolis with golden temples and fortress, where on the other side the beautiful shoreline on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea welcomes you with picturesque backdrops. The city has a unique flavour of the culture. In the outer part of the city and town exhibits rural heartlands. Lush green tropical forest, a mix of rice paddies and the villages where the agricultural clock has the harness to control life. The north will showcase the toothy blue mountains adorned with shiny waterfalls. Scrawny limestone crags emerge dramatically out from the turquoise sea, amides the nurtured landscape like an ancient high-rise. 


Golf Holiday in Thailand


So naturally, you can vouch on the fact that Thailand offers an incredible array of things to see and do to suit any taste. And for golfers – it’s a paradise!! This place that is known for extraordinary differentiations can offer a golf occasion taking in the rambling city of Bangkok just as the beachfront idylls of Phuket and Pattaya. Extraordinary nightlife and an exceptional vacationer air are guaranteed around Thailand's stunning islands, which can be the base for the most mind-blowing exotic golf vacation. Golfing in Thailand is not just about Thailand golf course, it's something that you want to do again when you will be planning your itinerary. Let’s discover why Thailand should be on the first place in your golfing holiday list. 


1. Each of them has its exclusive flavour

Visiting Thailand means experiencing diversity in one go. Starting from the Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket to Chiang Mai, each course will offer alluring visual treat along with the best amenities in Asia.  From the Thailand seashore resorts in the south to the bumpy environmental factors in the North or the clamouring urban communities of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are golf resorts to suit each inclination. All are situated in profoundly accessible territories with quick and convenient moving time. This gives travellers immense choices for arranging Thailand golf vacation. Golf Thailand in style on probably the best greens far and wide when you customize Thailand golf bundles.


Golf Holiday in Thailand


2. No matter what destination you pick, Thailand won’t disappoint you

Whether you want to choose Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand is ready to satisfy your desire with a good spread of golf course selections. Whether you want to take your shots on champions standard grounds or you want to hit the ball in relaxing mode, all will come under your budget. 


Thailand Golfing


3. The lovely Caddies will make your day for sure

Earlier Most of the golfers used to face difficulties to pull their trolleys while golfing. But now golfers will love to meet these caddies. First of all, they will assist you with your round and secondly, they will not be judgmental towards your shots. They just do hard work for you while taking shots. That means they will do all hard works for you starting from the rake bunkers, fill divots, repair pitch marks, bring your choice of club. In short, it will be the pure golfing luxury which will make you feel warm. 


Caddies in Thailand


4. One of the large rewards of a Thailand golf visit is the Thai gastronomy. 

Thai food is well known everywhere throughout the world, yet to encounter it in Thailand is something different. For some golf players, the essential motivation to plan Thailand golf holidays is the nourishment. They just can't have enough of it, particularly with the assortment inside the cooking. What's more, the food is all over the place. At a roadside merchant or a Michelin star café! Likewise, at the green! 

 Your golf tour experience will not be completed if you don’t gorge yourself into the spread of Thai dishes at the clubhouse. 


Thailand street food


5. Thailand is the frontrunner in nightlife

No introduction needs to sell the nightlife of Thailand. Starting from the streetside bars to opulent lounges, Thailand has lucrative nightlife offerings for golfing buddies. The city like Hua Hin earns the best value in Thailand with championship courses like Black Mountain Golf Club and Banyan Golf Club. Hua Hin town itself, while significantly more curbed than other Thailand coastline resorts, despite everything has a lot of nightlife. Most hotels offer in house live groups and I can think about no other better approach to loosen up after golf than tuning in to live Jazz under the stars during the Hua Hin Jazz Festival. 


Thailand Night life


Golfers say playing golf is wonderful to feel. Sometimes it rewarding, often frustrating but very addictive. So if you are a pro golfer and want to experience the thrill of the game, you must not give a second thought about Golfing in Thailand. 






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