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How visualization can boost your performance at a Golf Course

Posted by Admin 03 May 2021

Written By: Radha Seth


At some point of time, every golfer feels the need to enhance and revamp their techniques of playing golf. Most of the golfers tend to either change their coaches, golf gear or end up blaming their luck. And they always focus on transmogrifying their equipment or other external factors. 


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Though working on those external factors hardly makes a difference. Thus, in such complicated scenarios visualization comes into play. A major chunk of golfers doesn’t know about the power of the subconscious mind. This world is driven by energies and those energies help us convert our vision into reality. Nowadays, more and more people are achieving their goals and endeavors by using the power of visualization. Thus, it is of the utmost gravity, that the golfers start implementing imagination and visualization, thereby shaping a new belief system for attracting success and positivity. 


Before you hit the golf course, think of what the success feel, smell or taste like. The more sensory the visualization is the more impact it’s going to create on your game. 


Here are a few ways that would help you strategically plan and visualize your game, thereby helping you harness the power of your mind to shape your actions and behavior on a golf course-


Set an intention


Before you start teeing on the greens, make up your mind for achieving the desired shot. Start observing your surroundings and create an imaginary roadmap to hitting that mesmerizing shot. Set an intention, focus properly and this would make your subconsciousness get to work. In turn, this might help in increasing your commitment towards the game, thereby keeping your mind and body athletic. 


Another great advantage of setting an intention is that it will help you keep your swing subconscious (done without thinking) which is when it’s most fluid and well-coordinated. For instance, when a person starts learning to drive a car, he refrains to talk to other people sitting in the car, since he is doing that consciously. But as soon as he sets the wheels in motion, he can eat, talk or even light a cigarette while he is on the way. 


In the same way, try to garner the power of your subconscious mind for shaping a smooth future in the game of golf. 


Pre round Visualization to increase confidence


Consider visualization as a part of your pre-round warm-up. Each time you hit the greens look around and play an imaginary movie of yourself on the golf course. This would surely ignite your passion and confidence to revamp your game. Think of it more as a ‘mental rehearsal’, by creating an imaginary reel of the ballistic shots you are about to hit. This way you will reduce your doubt and increase your confidence about your potential golf shots. 


Practice Active visualization to bring your future goals closer to you


Research shows that there’s a strong connection between imagined and real physical movements. When you think of a physical action you stimulate the muscles that would be used in that action for real. Sports scientists call it “Functional Equivalence” or “Active Visualization”.


Therefore simply thinking about a new physical movement would gradually help you improve your swing.