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Tiger wood’s narrow escape, hospitalized after SUV rolls off the road

Posted by Admin 24 Feb 2021

Written By: Radha Seth


Golfing sensation Tiger Woods suffered from serious leg injuries after his one-vehicle rollover crash on a long stretch of California, which was already known for accidents. Life is indeed full of uncertainties. He was drifting his car smoothly across a beautiful stretch in Los Angeles, while his car crossed over into the opposite direction and rolled over multiple times before getting stuck into a grassy area several feet from where he had been driving, the authorities said.



 Tiger Wood's crashed car at the California Stretch


County sheriff's deputy who was first to behold the view of this disastrous accident said he found Woods still in the driver's seat, wearing his seatbelt, and that the miserably injured golfer was able to tell him his name was Tiger.


“The 15-time major champion was lucid and calm, but potentially in shock, and didn't seem to be concerned with his injuries at the time”, Deputy Carlos Gonzalez said.


Emergency workers immediately rushed to the scene just after 7 a.m. Pacific time and categorically took the golfer to the nearest trauma center, where the golfer’s manager said he had gone into surgery. 


        Golfing Sensation Tiger Wood's


Woods was conscious and able to speak to deputies when they arrived, giving them his name and appearing “lucid and calm,” said Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who was the first officer on the scene. Woods was not able to stand on his own because of his injuries, Deputy Gonzalez said. (Source: New York times)


How the crash happened 


The uncertain car roll-over, which had disastrously destroyed, Tiger’s luxury SUV, could have been a life-threatening incident but the airbags and seatbelts had acted as a major aid that helped woods escape a fatal accident. As per the sheriff’s statement, woods was traveling at a high rate of speed down the hill where this unfortunate incident took place. 


There were no skid marks or other indications of braking, Villanueva added.

Villanueva said that section of road is "downhill on a curve," and he and Gonzalez said the area is known as a trouble spot for speeding and accidents.


Deputies responding to Woods saw no evidence of impairment, Villanueva said, and they didn't ask hospital officials to take a blood draw, he said. (Source New York times)